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Nonprofit Data Management System (NPDMS)
The Nonprofit Data Management System (NPDMS) is the Federal Housing Administrationā€™s (FHA) web-based data management system used by Nonprofit Organizations and Governmental Entities. Through NPDMS, Nonprofit Organizations and Governmental Entities can:
  • Submit their application for approval to participate in FHA Single Family Nonprofit Programs;
  • Submit the required recertification to FHA to continue participating in FHA Single Family Nonprofit Programs;
  • Track the inventory of HUD real-estate owned (REO) properties they have purchased;
  • Perform Net Development cost calculations;
  • Track the resale of HUD REO properties to qualified buyers;
  • Access training materials such as user guides, tutorial videos, and links to web-based training sessions.

For help with the NPDMS, please contact the NPDMS Help Desk at (805) 699-2053 or your assigned HUD contact.

To access the NPDMS, go to: https://www.hudp260.com/Pages/Resources/hudtraining_hudacanp.aspx


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