Onboarding To and Using the Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) Portal

All Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-approved mortgagees must submit required appraisal reports for new originations to FHA through the EAD portal.

If you're a newly-approved FHA mortgagee, or an existing FHA mortgagee who has not yet onboarded to the EAD portal, you must establish your presence in the EAD portal in order to submit appraisal information to FHA. Submission of appraisal information is required before a mortgagee can proceed with the steps necessary to obtain an FHA insurance endorsement on a mortgage.

Establishing a Presence in EAD*

To establish a presence in the EAD portal, mortgagees must first have an assigned FHA Connection (FHAC) Application Coordinator who has valid FHAC IDs and passwords to access the FHAC system. Establishing a presence involves both the FHAC Application Coordinator and the mortgagee's designated EAD Administrator(s). Mortgagees must have an assigned EAD Administrator for each of their FHA Lender IDs.

*Registered EAD Administrators will receive additional EAD login credentials for their first-time EAD login from the email box noreply@veros.com. Mortgagees should add this email to their address lists to avoid having this email blocked by Spam filters or sent to "Clutter" email boxes.

Using the EAD Portal

Before submitting appraisal reports to FHA through the portal, FHA encourages mortgagees to thoroughly review the EAD user guides and fact sheets available on this site, and view the series of pre-recorded EAD training modules accessible from these pages. In particular, FHA suggests mortgagees review: