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Appraiser Roster Update Instructions

In addition to technical know-how, to maintain status on the FHA roster, you have certain administrative responsibilities including keeping your personal and business information up to date via the FHA Connection.

You must establish an FHA Connection (FHAC) user ID to administer your record on the roster. However, you must ensure that your name is on the roster with ACTIVE status, before requesting a user ID. If you were licensed before October 1, 2009 and want to upgrade your status to certified, you must re-establish a user ID.

To successfully process your request to update your information, your license number must exactly match the ASC National Registry. Please review the ASC information first, and wait at least a day after any corrections, to ensure FHA Connection has received all corrective changes.

To update your personal or business information once you have an FHAC user ID:

  • Go to the FHA Connection at: https://entp.hud.gov/clas/
  • Enter your FHAC "User ID" when asked for your "User Name" and then enter your password and click Sign on
  • Select ID Maintenance from the menu bar at the top of the page
  • Click Appraiser Roster
  • Change your information as needed and
  • Click Send

After updating, you will be allowed to attach the PDF version of your state-issued certification, if it is needed. The ability to upload a scanned copy only appears if you change the expiration date, or if you add a state certification that is not already listed. You do not need to upload a certificate if your information already matches the ASC.

Only new appraisers are able to attach the PDF version of a state-issued certification.