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Contacts for FHA Appraisers

Please be advised that if your record is not up to date in the Appraisal Subcommittee's National Registry, it will not be updated, renewed or reinstated in the FHA Connection.

If you had an FHAC ID and do not remember your FHAC User ID, please type APPRAISER FHAC ID in the subject line AND include your full name, phone number, address and email address in the text. Send to answers@hud.gov . You will be contacted by phone. Do not send any other business to this mailbox as it will be deleted without response.

If you have already researched your other questions online from the Find Answers and Policies section of the FHA Appraiser Roster web page and you still have a question about:

Updating your information Type Updates in the subject line
System rejects application due to previous federal debt Type CAIVRS in the subject line
Login, passwords, other than User ID Type Login in the subject line
All other roster-related questions Type Roster Question in subject line

and send your question to answers@hud.gov with your full name, phone number and address. Be sure to attach the appropriate documentation as proof.

If you have any questions about appraisal policy or the appraiser roster, please contact the FHA Resource Center by telephone at 1-800-CALL FHA (225-5342) or by email at answers@hud.gov

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