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FHA Homeownership Centers

Many of the mortgage insuring processes are centralized into four Homeownership Centers (HOC), each supporting a specific geographic area: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver and Santa Ana. Although we ask you to send your questions to the FHA Resource Center (not the HOC) for immediate acknowledgement and tracking, certain case specific issues will subsequently be referred to the appropriate center.

Select the state that the property is in, to determine which center has jurisdiction:


Additional Contacts

For information about the home buying process, FHA mortgage insurance, or technical support for industry professionals, please contact the FHA Resource Center (not the HOC), by email at answers@hud.gov or call (800) CALL FHA (225-5342). Your inquiry will be acknowledged immediately and responded to during the next 48 business hours, or directed to the appropriate person for response.

Real Estate Brokers seeking technical assistance or Broker registration, please contact FHA's Management & Marketing Contractors.

Servicing Lenders seeking technical assistance, please contact the FHA National Servicing Center.

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