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Welcome to the Federal Housing Administration's (FHA) Office of Single Family Housing Drafting Table. On this page, Single Family Housing periodically posts policy drafts or other supplemental documents for industry and stakeholder feedback.

Revised Project Approval for Single Family Condominium Forms

On July 30, 2020, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published a 30-day Federal Register (FR) Notice, Project Approval for Single Family Condominiums (Docket No. FR-7024-N-30). This Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) notice solicits public comment on the following two FHA condominium-related forms through August 31, 2020 that will be accepted through the method outlined in the FR Notice not later than August 31, 2020.

  • HUD-9991, FHA Condominium Loan Level/Single-Unit Approval Questionnaire
  • HUD-9992, FHA Condominium Project Approval Questionnaire
Instructions for completing the forms can be found under Other Drafts Posted for Comment on the right side of this page.


SF Handbook Revision: Servicing and Loss Mitigation section

FHA has posted a draft of the Servicing and Loss Mitigation section (Section III) of its Single Family Housing Policy Handbook 4000.1 (SF Handbook) for a 60-day stakeholder review and feedback period. Interested stakeholders are invited to review the posted content (below) and provide feedback on the proposed draft through September 12, 2020.