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Welcome to the Federal Housing Administration's (FHA) Office of Single Family Housing Drafting Table. On this page, Single Family Housing periodically posts policy drafts or other supplemental documents for industry and stakeholder feedback.


Currently Posted Drafts
Loan-Level Certifications


FHA published a 60-day Federal Register  PRA notice (Docket No. FR-7014-N-26) in the Federal Register, which proposes revisions to FHA's loan-level certification. Building on feedback received on the proposed draft posted to the Drafting Table earlier this year, FHA made significant revisions to the Form HUD-92900-A (Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application), including incorporating materiality into the certification as defined in the Defect Taxonomy.

The public may provide comments on this loan-level PRA notice until December 24, 2019. After considering public comments received, FHA will publish a subsequent 30-day notice on the proposed changes.

To view the PRA notice and proposed changes Form HUD 92900-A and submit comments, refer to the column to the right on this page. Public comments shall be submitted in accordance with the 60-day PRA notice.





SF Handbook Drafts Posted for Feedback

No SF Handbook Drafts are currently posted for feedback.

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