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Welcome to the Federal Housing Administration's (FHA) Office of Single Family Housing Drafting Table. On this page, Single Family Housing periodically posts policy drafts or other supplemental documents for industry and stakeholder feedback.


Reviewing and Providing Feedback on Currently Posted Drafts

FHA invites interested stakeholders to review and provide feedback on the proposed changes to the items listed below. To facilitate FHA's review and analysis of feedback, stakeholders are encouraged to submit feedback no later than June 8, 2019. To view the proposed changes and submit feedback, refer to the column to the right on this page. For more information, click here to view FHA INFO 19-18 published on May 9, 2019.


• Loan-Level Certifications

FHA is proposing significant revisions to the Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application (Form 92900-A). These proposed changes to the loan-level certifications are intended to reorganize Form 92900-A (loan-level certification) in a logical, easy to read, and understandable format and to eliminate duplicative information collected elsewhere. The proposed Form 92900-A is posted on the Drafting Table for a 30-day feedback period from May 9, 2019 through June 8, 2019.

• Annual Lender Certifications

FHA is proposing changes to its annual lender certifications to better align them with National Housing Act standards while continuing to hold lenders accountable for compliance with HUD eligibility requirements. The proposed Annual Lender Certification is posted on the Drafting Table for a 30-day feedback period from May 9, 2019 through June 8, 2019. To help stakeholders understand the proposed revisions, FHA has posted a comparison document on the Drafting Table showing the current certification statements and proposed changes side-by-side. Under the provisions of the Paperwork Reduction Act, FHA will also publish a Federal Register Notice requesting public comments on the proposed changes.

• Defect Taxonomy

FHA is posting a draft of the Defect Taxonomy Version 2 for stakeholder review and feedback. The Defect Taxonomy was created in 2015 and implemented through the Loan Review System in 2017. Version 2 will provide more clarity and transparency into FHA's existing loan-level quality assurance processes.
Proposed changes include:

  • updated Severity Tier definitions;
  • potential Remedies that align each Severity Tier;
  • revised Sources and Causes in certain Defect Areas;
  • new Defect Areas for Servicing loan reviews; and,
  • HUD policy references.

The proposed Defect Taxonomy Version 2 is posted on the Drafting Table for a 30-day feedback period from May 9, 2019 through June 8, 2019.





SF Handbook Drafts Posted for Feedback

No SF Handbook Drafts are currently posted for feedback.

Other Drafts Posted for Feedback

Proposed changes to Loan-Level Certifications in the Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application (Form 92900-A)

Proposed Annual Lender Certification Statements

Proposed changes to Defect Taxonomy Version 2

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