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Weekly Listing of Multifamily Properties, Asset and Healthcare Loans for Sale

Visit each Wednesday for the Weekly Listing.

The properties listed as FHA Property Sales below are offered "all-cash", "as-is", no financing or mortgage insurance provided. Properties with a "(new)" are newly listed.

To open the Bid Kit, click on the property name listed below.

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FHA Foreclosure and HUD-owned Property Sales
Property Information Units/Bedrooms Minimum Price Sale Date Property Showing(s)













Download the Invitation to Bid (bid kit) for the above-advertised properties! If you have a problem viewing or printing the bid kit, email the problem for assistance. If you have any questions after reading the information that you receive, contact the Realty Specialist assigned to the property.

Watch for the next Note sale announcement.


Assets Securing the Multifamily Note Sales
Property Asset Information and Contact Units
There are no assets available at this time.    


Assets Securing the Healthcare Note Sales
Property Asset Information and Contact Units/
There are no assets available at this time.    

Electronic Mailing List

The Department maintains an electronic mailing list of individuals and firms interested in being informed of the availability of Multifamily projects for sale to the general public and Multifamily and Healthcare Loan sales. If you subscribe, you will receive an electronic Invitation to Bid on each project as it is advertised for sale. Go to the Multifamily Property Disposition Mailing List, and enter your email address.

List of Sold Projects

A list of sold Multifamily foreclosure and HUD-owned projects containing basic information has been compiled and is available.

A list of previous Asset Sales results is also available.

Have Some General Questions about Multifamily Property Disposition or Multifamily and Healthcare Loan sales -- Who Can Answer Them?

If you have general questions or comments about Multifamily foreclosure or HUD-Owned property sales, read Multifamily Real Estate for Sale or write our sales webmaster.

If you have questions or comments about Multifamily Asset and Healthcare Loan sales, please contact:
Marlene Robinson or John Lucey.