Comprehensive Transactional Forms Supporting FHA’s Section 242 Program

Comprehensive Transactional Forms Supporting FHA’s Section 242 Program (OMB Collection No. 2502-0602) are listed below.  The majority of the documents included in this collection are utilized for closing FHA-insured hospital loans, with additional documents supporting program processes such as application review, asset management, loan modifications, surveys and site inspections, and environmental assessments.

Links are provided below to the final documents located on HUDClips. Any commitments issued on or after January 1, 2021, must utilize the updated loan documents published in this collection.

COLLECTION NO. 2502-0602 (Good through 11/30/2022)
HUD-91070-OHF Consolidated Certifications Borrower
HUD-91071-OHF Escrow Agreement for Off-Site Facilities
HUD-91073-OHF HUD Survey Instructions and Surveyor's Report
HUD-91111-OHF Survey Instructions and Borrower's Certification
HUD-91725-OHF Opinion by Counsel to the Borrower - Instructions
  Opinion by Counsel to the Borrower - Opinion
  Opinion by Counsel to the Borrower - Exhibit A
HUD-92013-OHF Application for Hospital Project Mortgage Insurance
HUD-92023-OHF Request for Final Endorsement of Credit Instrument - Hospitals/Section 242
HUD-92070-OHF Lease Addendum
HUD-92080-OHF Change of Mortgage Record
HUD-92117-OHF Borrower's Certification- Full or Partial Completion of Project
HUD-92205-OHF Borrower's Certificate of Known Costs (Section 242/223f)
HUD-92223-OHF Surplus Cash Note
HUD-92266-OHF Application for Transfer of Physical Assets
HUD-92322-OHF Intercreditor Agreement
HUD-92330-OHF Borrower's Certificate of Actual Cost - Hospitals/Section 242
HUD-92330A-OHF Contractor's Certificate of Actual Cost - Hospitals/Section 242
HUD-92403-OHF Application for Insurance of Advance of Mortgage Proceeds
HUD-92403A-OHF Borrower's and Architect's Certificate of Payment
HUD-92415-OHF Request for Permission to Commence Construction Prior to Initial Endorsement For Mortgage Insurance
HUD-92422-OHF Financial and Statistical Data for HUD Reporting
HUD-92434-OHF Lender's Certificate
HUD-92441-OHF Building Loan Agreement
HUD-92442-OHF Construction Contract
HUD-92448-OHF Contractor's Requisition Project Mortgages
HUD-92452-OHF Performance Bond
HUD-92452A-OHF Payment Bond
HUD-92455-OHF Request for Endorsement of Credit Instrument & Certificate of Lender, Borrower & General Contractor
HUD-92456-OHF Escrow Agreement for Incomplete Construction
HUD-92464-OHF Request for Approval of Advance of Escrow Funds - Hospitals/Section 242
HUD-92466-OHF Regulatory Agreement - Borrower
HUD-92476-OHF Escrow Agreement for Deferred Work
HUD-92476A-OHF Escrow Agreement for Limited Rehabilitation
HUD-92476B-OHF Escrow Agreement for the Release of Collateral
HUD-92479-OHF Off-Site Bond - Dual Obligee
HUD-92554-OHF Supplementary Conditions of the Contract for Construction
HUD-92576-OHF Certificate for Need for Health Facility and Assurance of Enforcement of State Standards
HUD-93305-OHF Agreement and Certification
HUD-94000-OHF Security Instrument/Mortgage/Deed of Trust
HUD-94001-OHF Healthcare Facility Note
HUD-94128-OHF Environmental Assessment and Compliance Findings