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At the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), we provide mortgage insurance on loans made by FHA-approved lenders. In fact, we're one of the largest mortgage insurers in the world. Since 1934, we've helped millions of families become homeowners. Today, we insure mortgages for single family, multifamily, and residential care facilities nationwide.







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New COVID-19 Recovery "Waterfall" Includes Broader Payment Reductions

Our new COVID-19 Recovery options allow mortgage servicers to help homeowners with FHA-insured mortgages who have been severely financially impacted by the pandemic to bring their mortgage payments current.



July 23, 2021


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More Measures to Help Homeowners Struggling Due to COVID-19

We have extended our foreclosure and eviction moratoria for single family homeowners through July 31, 2021, expanded COVID-19 forbearance request timeframes, and instituted a new COVID-19 Advance Loan Modification for those most severly impacted by the pandemic.

June 25, 2021





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Removing Barriers to Homeownership for Those With Student Loan Debt

Revisions to student loan debt calculations remove barriers and increase access to affordable FHA-insured mortgage financing, particularly in communities of color.


June 18, 2021




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Celebrating National Homeownership Month

By Presidential Proclamation, June is designated as National Homeownership Month. HUD, including FHA, continues to focus on helping individuals and families obtain, sustain, and retain their homes. We are also committed to breaking down racial and other barriers to affordable homeownership. To learn more about our efforts, visit our website.



June 1, 2021




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Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Changes Provide Additional Protections for Eligible Non-Borrowing Spouses

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) changes provide additional protections for eligible non-borrowing spouses by aligning all HECMs under the same non-borrowing spouse policies.


May 6, 2021







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From housing to healthcare facilities, our business resources can help FHA insurance program participants stay informed. Review our guides, policy updates, and other tools to get the information you need and better serve your customers. Access special COVID-19 guidance for all FHA and Office of Housing Program Participants.

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Our consumer resources support homeowners, homebuyers, and renters. Use these tools to get answers to your questions, understand your options, and make better housing decisions.



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FHA Supports Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

HUD is committed to enforcing the Fair Housing Act and to ensuring that people are not discriminated against when they seek housing or housing-related services. If you need assistance in determining your rights under the Fair Housing Act or applicable laws, or believe you have been a victim of housing discrimination and need assistance, we encourage you to review the information on HUD's Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity webpage.