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Welcome to HUD's Hospital Mortgage Insurance Program Pre-Screening Tool. The tool is designed to enable hospitals, lenders, and consultants to understand the statutory and regulatory requirements of HUD's hospital mortgage insurance programs, and to provide guidance regarding project eligibility for mortgage insurance.

The Hospital Mortgage Insurance Program includes four active programs that are authorized under Sections 242, 241, 223(f), and 223(a)(7) of the National Housing Act. Section 242 authorizes mortgage insurance for loans that finance acute care hospital facility construction projects. Section 241 authorizes insurance for supplemental loans requested by existing FHA-insured hospitals. Section 223(f) and 223(a)(7) provide refinancing options for both new and existing FHA-insured hospitals, respectively.

If you are interested in the Section 242, 241, or 223(f) program, please begin by selecting one of the loan types below, followed by the hospital status. When you complete your selection, you will be asked questions to help gauge your project's eligibility for that program.

If you are interested in the Section 223(a)(7) program (refinancing an existing FHA-insured hospital loan), please contact the program's Underwriting Director ( for more information.

For each question, please start by clicking on the information icon for valuable background and

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