IMS/PIC Inventory Removals

This website provides an overview of how PHAs must use IMS/PIC to apply to HUD in order to remove public housing property (buildings, units, and vacant land) from their inventories.

The Department's Special Application Center (SAC) is authorized to review applications from PHAs to remove public housing property from their inventories.

Types of "Removals from Inventory" include:

  • Section 18 Demolition and Disposition
  • Section 32 Public Housing Homeownership
  • DeMinimis Demolition
  • Eminent Domain
  • Section 33 Required Conversion; and
  • Section 22 Voluntary Conversion

IMS/PIC also includes other application types, such as Section 202 Mandatory Conversion and Section 5(h) Public Housing Homeownership, for which applications for approval of additional units are no longer being made. The data in IMS/PIC for other application types is changed by the Special Applications Center in cases where PHAs request rescissions or other changes to their existing programs, or corrections are identified. There is an application type for units approved for demolition under HOPE VI Revitalization Plans, for use by PHAs to create and submit applications that are not approved by the SAC. In such cases, the HOPE VI Office sends to the SAC the approval letter, and then the SAC enters the approval date in the PIC application. For all application types with approved units, PHAs record in PIC the dates that units are removed from the public housing inventory.

For more detailed information about the types of removal actions, visit the SAC web page.

The SAC requires PHAs to submit applications for inventory removals through the "Inventory Removals" sub-module in IMS/PIC. This sub-module was designed to record all removals of public housing property.

PHAs use this sub-module:

  • to apply to remove units, buildings, and vacant land from their inventories; and
  • to record the actual dates of removal after they receive HUD approval

HUD uses this sub-module:

  • to record its approvals of removal applications; and
  • to determine the date that the transition period for the asset-repositioning begins pursuant to 24 CFR 990.190.
  • to keep a record of when each unit is removed from the public housing inventory, which affects Capital Fund formula calculations.

Inventory Removal Application Form (HUD-52860) (4/2018)

Although HUD requires PHAs to submit applications for removal actions through the Inventory Removals sub-module of IMS/PIC, PHAs must also complete and upload the applicable HUD-52860 (4/2018) form (and addendums) as supporting documentation into the electronic application.