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Inventory Management System (IMS)/ PIH Information Center (PIC)

IMS/PIC TLS Upgrade Information

In March 2020, the Inventory Management/Public Housing Information Center (IMS/PIC) system was upgraded to align with industry best practices for security and data integrity. You can read the initial notification that was sent out here. A follow-up notification was sent out to PHAs on 03/26/20 to notify them that the system was up and ready to use.

We have maintained a list of known issues and updated it as needed. Please note that the workaround files mentioned in this list as previously being posted on this page are no longer needed since those issues have been fixed.

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IMS/PIC is responsible for maintaining and gathering data about all of PIH's inventories of HAs, Developments, Buildings, Units, HA Officials, HUD Offices and Field Staff and IMS/PIC Users.


Last updated March 7, 2022


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