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(IMS)/(PIC) Error Dashboard

The Inventory Management System (IMS)/ PIH Information Center (PIC) Error Dashboard shows a summary view of IMS/PIC Fatal Errors PHA’s receive when inputting the Form 50058 into IMS/PIC and 50058’s with overdue reexaminations greater than 14 months. The reports available within the dashboard are updated weekly, with an updated dashboard available every Monday.

The PIC Error Dashboard is accessible both internally to HUD employees and externally to the public. The public-facing dashboard is embedded below and accessible via this link.

The PIC Error Dashboard

The date of the current dashboard data may be found on the dashboard pages

If you have any feedback on the dashboard, you can submit it here.

Training Resources

These training materials provide an overview of the new PIC Error Dashboard, demonstrate the reports within the dashboard, and provide a list of PIC error correction resources.

Introduction to the PIC Error Dashboard Video

A training video that provides an overview and walks through how to use the PIC Error Dashboard can be viewed here.

The slides used in this video can be found here.

PIC Error Correction Guidebook for the HCV Program

The PIC Error Guidebook for the HCV Program guide can be found here.

This guide provides an introduction and overview of IMS/PIC, which is the computer system used by HUD to review and monitor the information submitted by public housing authorities (PHAs) regarding participants in subsidized housing programs. It includes guidance for identifying and correcting PIC errors; including step-by-step for common PIC errors.

PIC Error Dashboard Demo

A recording of a webinar presented to PHAs that demonstrates how to use the PIC Error Dashboard can be viewed here


Please contact your local IMS/PIC coach or reach out to the PIH-REAC Technical Assistance Center (TAC) if you have any questions or need assistance.