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Note to PHAs as of November 2023:  The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently renewed the HUD-50058 data collection, which includes the HUD-50058, HUD-50058 MTW, and HUD-50058 MTW Expansion forms. As part of that renewal, updates were made to all three forms. The HUD-50058 MTW Expansion is not in IMS/PIC since IMS/PIC does not have development support to add it. For that same reason, none of the updates included on the HUD-50058 and HUD-50058 MTW in the recent approval can be made within IMS/PIC. The updated forms, including the HUD-50058 MTW Expansion, will be available in the Housing Information Portal (HIP) when it goes live. PHAs will be able to use the updated forms when they have transitioned to HIP, until that time PHAs will continue to use the existing forms within IMS/PIC. Third-party 50058 software vendors and PHAs that build their own 50058 submission software in-house can get additional technical information on the HIP Technical Information page, including copies of the revised forms and the revised instruction booklet.


Data collected on Form HUD-50058 provides HUD with a picture of the people who participate in subsidized housing programs. PHAs collect and electronically submit information contained on the Form HUD-50058 to HUD through the PIH Information System (PIC).

HUD-50058 Technical Documentation and Tools


Last updated November 9, 2023