Family Reporting Software (FRS) 5.0

Important note

FRS 5.0 is an updated version of the FRS 4.0 software - it has been rewritten to support newer versions of the Windows operating systems= and to run properly on newer 64 bit computers. If you are currently using the FRS 4.0 software, you need to upgrade immediately to FRS 5.0; both programs have the same edits and functions. If you are getting a new PC soon, upgrade before you get the new computer. The data conversion instructions below will guide you through setting up and importing data from your old FRS. The support on FRS 4.0 has been phased out as of April 27, 2012. We are only providing support for FRS 5.0 only.

Questions about FRS can be directed to the REAC Technical Assistance Center.

The following items will be covered on this page:

FRS Instructions

Below are links to files for instructions that have been written for various tasks.

Installation Files

FRS 5.0 Patch Update

Users, who are currently using FRS version 5.0, must download the latest cumulative FRS 5.0 patch update from the link below. To determine whether you have the latest patch installed, start FRS, and click on "About FRS". The system will display a patch date. The latest patch release date is 08/17/2012:

Windows 10 Microsoft Office Access Runtime Known Issue

As part of the FRS installation package, a Microsoft Office Access Runtime is installed so that users do not have to have a full version of Microsoft Access installed to use FRS. It has been reported to us that in Windows 10, Windows Update will automatically install updates for this Microsoft Access Runtime and users will receive an error message when attempting to open FRS. One reported error message is "Can't find language DLL msain.dll", but the wording could vary. Please see the instructions above for how remove the updates that have been installed since you were last able to successfully use FRS. Note that users may have to do this process again in the future if Windows Update installs these updates again.

Backing Up Your FRS Data

PHAs should periodically backup their FRS data, which includes the tenant data that has been entered into the software, in case there is an issue with the computer or you get a new computer. Detailed step-by-step back instructions can be found under the instructions section on this page.

Transferring Your FRS data to A New PC

If you have gotten a new computer or had to reset your existing computer to factory settings and already had FRS 5.0 installed, you can use the installation instructions above to install FRS 5.0 on the new computer and restore your backup that contains the tenant data and other settings.