Family Reporting Software (FRS) 5.0

Important note

FRS 5.0 is an updated version of the FRS 4.0 software - it has been rewritten to support Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems and to run properly on newer 64 bit computers. If you are currently using the FRS 4.0 software, you need to upgrade immediately to FRS 5.0; both programs have the same edits and functions. If you are getting a new PC soon, upgrade before you get the new computer. The installation instructions will guide you through setting up and importing data from your old FRS. The support on FRS 4.0 has been phased out as of April 27, 2012. We are providing support for FRS 5.0 only.

Backing Up Your FRS Data

When backing up FRS data (or transferring it to a new PC), you will need to first do the following.

  • Determine which FRS version you have (FRS 4.0 or FRS 5.0).
  • Determine where your data file(s) is/are located (FRS 4.0 is/are in C:\HUDFRS40\ and FRS 5.0 is/are in C:\FRS50\).
  • Determine whether you use the "Administer Multiple HAs" option.
  • For FRS 4.0 your primary FRS data file is called "FRS4Data.mdb".
  • For FRS 5.0 your primary FRS data file is called "FRS5Data.accdb".
  • Copy the appropriate file to another medium (CD/DVD, USB drive or external hard drive).
  • If you administer multiple HAs, there will be a file for each one's data.
  • For FRS 4.0, the filenames will be of the format (HA Code).mdb (where HA Code is 2-letter state code plus 3 digits).
  • For FRS 5.0, the filenames will be of the format (HA Code).accdb (where HA Code is 2-letter state code plus 3 digits).
  • Copy these other HA data files to the same place to which you copied the primary data files.

Detailed Step-by-Step Backup Instructions

Transferring Your FRS data to A New PC

  • Install FRS 5.0 on the old PC.
  • Follow the data conversion instructions for converting from FRS 4.0 to FRS 5.0
  • Back up your converted FRS 5.0 data as described above.
  • Connect the backup medium to the new PC.
  • Install FRS 5.0 on the new PC.
  • Install the patch if there is one to update FRS 5.0 on the new PC.
  • Copy your FRS 5.0 backup data file(s) to the new PC's folder called c:\FRS50\.
  • Delete all FRS 4.0 and 5.0 files from your old PC.
  • Start up FRS 5.0 and complete the setup processes.
  • You are now ready to go.


FRS 5.0 Patch Update

Users, who are currently using FRS version 5.0, must download the latest cumulative FRS 5.0 patch update from the link below. To determine whether you have the latest patch installed, start FRS, and click on "About FRS". The system will display a patch date. The latest patch release date is 08/17/2012: