NSPIRE Standards

Taking into account public comments that HUD has received, we have reviewed the rationales and the health and safety determinations in the standards and make extensive changes to them in Version 1-2.

The rationales are at the core of the NSPIRE process, and we welcome all comments on these revised rationales and health and safety determinations, and also every other part of these standards.

Additionally, HUD published an interim version of eight NSPIRE standards. They are labeled as ā€œVersion 1-1.ā€  HUD is looking for your specific input about the clarity of the deficiencies, the accuracy of the rationales, and the overall usability of these standards.  We will release additional interim versions in early January 2020. 

HUD values your input and we look forward to receiving your feedback!


*Note: The first set of NSPIRE standards are distinguished by the ā€œVersion 1ā€ label. Subsequent versions will have a higher version number than previously posted versions. For example, 1-1, 1-2, 2-0, 2-1 etc. 


View Previous Versions of the Standards

NSPIRE Health and Safety Risks Page 



If you have any additional questions, comments, concerns or compliments, please feel welcome to email the NPSIRE team at NSPIRE@HUD.gov.  We also encourage you to check back to our website regularly as we will be considering feedback and modifying Standards throughout the test period.