Rules of Behavior for HUD Systems

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has granted access to you to utilize the Department's automated information resources. However, as a condition of receiving this access, you are required to be aware of the Department's system security policies and to abide by these policies. Security policy emphasizes awareness practices for the purpose of safeguarding the Department's valuable information resources.

The system user identification (USERID) and password issued to you are your means to access these resources. They are to be used solely in connection with the performance of your responsibilities as set forth in your job description, contract or agreement(s) with the Department. Use by anyone other than yourself is expressly prohibited. You agree to be responsible for the confidentiality of the assigned information and accountable for all activity with your user identification (USERID). Further, you agree that you will not provide this confidential USERID/password to another user nor will you sign on to HUD systems so that another person may access or operate the workstation in your absence or on your behalf. Actions of this type constitute a breach of system security and will result in immediate termination of your assigned USERID/password from the system.

In addition, you agree to: