Public Housing Portal
The Public Housing Portal brings public housing programs and Operating Fund Grant processes to a web-based platform with unique roles for Public Housing Authorities (PHA) and Public and Indian Housing staff. 


PIH launched the portal in 2017 focused on moving Operating Fund forms and submission from paper and Excel workbooks to entirely web-based submissions. Since then, the portal grew to include public housing programs including energy and water conservation programs, PHA plans, Capital Fund, and Waiting lists. The Portal includes modules for the following:

  • Operating Fund Tools (HUD-52723 and HUD-52722)
  • Annual and 5-Year PHA Plans
  • PHA Board Resolution (HUD-52574)
  • PIH Email Notifications Repository
  • Operating Fund Data and Reports
  • Public Housing Document Repository
  • SF-424, HUD-50071, and SF-LLL
  • SF-425 and grant closeout
  • Small Rural Frozen Rolling Base
  • Rate Reduction Incentive
  • Shortfall Operating Funds applications and appeals
  • Public Housing Waiting List


PHA Data View

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PHA users, including fee accountants or other service providers, and PHA Board Chairs can request access and the appropriate role from the PHA’s Web Access Security Subsystem (WASS) coordinator. The WASS role assignment user guide provides further instructions on how to provide access and complete role assignments (see link below).

All users are required to complete a User Profile and validate their email address before using the Public Housing Portal. Users need only complete their User Profile at one time. The User Profile User Guide (see link below) provides further instructions on how to complete a User Profile:

For questions or technical assistance with the portal, please contact REAC - Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by calling 1-888-245-4860 Option #4 or send an email to

For questions about Operating Fund grant guidance or policy visit our Operating Fund processing page:, or contact your local Field Office:

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