Mainstream Voucher Program

Consolidated Appropriations Acts, in 2017-2019 made approximately $500 million available for new Mainstream voucher assistance, the first funding for new Mainstream vouchers since 2005.  HUD awarded over $98 million in funding to 286 PHAs on September 4, 2018.  Mainstream vouchers assist non-elderly persons with disabilities.  Aside from serving a special population, Mainstream vouchers are administered using the same rules as other housing choice vouchers.  Funding and financial reporting for the Mainstream Voucher Program is separate from the regular tenant-based voucher program. 

Notice of Funding Availability.

FY19 Mainstream Voucher NOFA (FR-6300-N-43) – Applications were due on Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time.  HUD is currently reviewing applications and expects to announce awards in December 2019.

Public Housing Authorities had the opportunity to apply for funds through this NOFA to assist non-elderly persons with disabilities.  HUD expects to award $150 million, which will house approximately 18,000 families.  PHAs will receive additional points if they agree to adopt a preference for their housing choice voucher program for one or more targeted groups, including those who are transitioning out of institutional or other segregated settings, at serious risk of institutionalization, currently experiencing homelessness, previously experienced homelessness and currently a client in a permanent supportive housing or rapid rehousing project, and at risk of experiencing homelessness.  PHAs were encouraged to develop or continue partnerships with health and human services agencies to provide participants with voluntary supportive services and increase program access.

Please direct questions about the NOFA to  

NEW! FY19 Mainstream Voucher NOFA Q&A (updated 9/3/2019)

FY19 Mainstream NOFA Webinar Slideshow

Possible Data Sources for Statement of Need

NEW! FY19 Mainstream Voucher NOFA Webinar

NEW! NOFA Application Materials
Many people have reported having issues downloading the instructions package in, so we have made the documents available below.

HUD-52515 Funding Application
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If you are an individual seeking housing assistance

Please reach out to your local HUD office and public housing agency (PHA) to learn more about the housing resources and opportunities within your community. For further information on how to locate the nearest HUD office and PHA, please click on the following link:

Information for PHAs Administering Mainstream Vouchers

PIC/VMS Reporting – Vouchers awarded in September 2018 should be coded as MS5 on line 2n of the HUD-50058. All mainstream voucher assistance should be reported in VMS under the Mainstream 5 Year line.

The following FAQs were developed specifically for those awards made via the FY17 Mainstream Voucher Program NOFA: FR-6100-N-43:

Mainstream Voucher Program Implementation FAQs (3/22/2019)

Prior NOFA: FY2017 Mainstream Voucher NOFA


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