Mainstream Vouchers

Mainstream vouchers assist non-elderly persons with disabilities.  Aside from serving a special population, Mainstream vouchers are administered using the same rules as other housing choice vouchers.  Funding and financial reporting for Mainstream vouchers is separate from the regular tenant-based voucher program. Please see PIH Notice 2020-01 for more information.

As authorized by the CARES Act, HUD is making up to $150 million in Mainstream funding available for new vouchers to help public housing agencies (PHAs) prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus.  See PIH Notice 2020-22 for more information on how PHAs may apply for funding.

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List of all Mainstream Awards by PHA

NEW! Webinar on Mainstream Voucher Basics

HUD will host a webinar to provide an overview of Mainstream vouchers. The webinar is intended to cover all basic requirements of the program including a review of PIH Notice 2020-01 and other applicable guidance related to:

  • Participant eligibility
  • Waiting list management
  • Admissions preferences
  • Reporting requirements

This webinar is relevant to Public Housing Authority (PHA) directors and staff responsible for the administration of Mainstream vouchers or those PHAs considering applying for new Mainstream Vouchers.

October 15, 2020 1:00-3:00 PM EDT

Register through HUD Exchange.  

If you are an individual seeking housing assistance

Please reach out to your local HUD office and PHA to learn more about the housing resources and opportunities within your community. For further information on how to locate housing resources in your community, please click on the following link:

PIH Notices and Guidance

PIH Notice 2020-22: Mainstream Vouchers ā€“ Non-Competitive Opportunity for Additional Vouchers Authorized by the CARES Act, Temporary Waivers and Alternative Requirements, and Modified 2020 Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Renewal Calculation (9/8/2020) ā€“ NEW!

PIH Notice 2020-09: CARES Act Mainstream Funding for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) Awarded Funding Allocations in the 2017 and 2019 Competitions (5/12/2020)

PIH Notice 2020-01: Revised Policies and Procedures for the Mainstream Voucher Program (1/22/2020)

PIC/VMS Reporting ā€“ Vouchers awarded in September 2018 should be coded as MS5 on line 2n of the HUD-50058. All mainstream voucher assistance should be reported in VMS under the Mainstream 5 Year line.

Financial Reporting Guidance for Mainstream vouchers.

FY 2019 Mainstream Voucher NOFA

FY19 Mainstream Voucher NOFA Webinar

FY 2017 Mainstream Voucher NOFA

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