HCV Homeownership Program

Program Overview

EPC Program Overview

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) homeownership program allows families that are assisted under the HCV program to use their voucher to buy a home and receive monthly assistance in meeting homeownership expenses.  The program is limited to first-time homeowners who have received housing counseling and meet the minimum income requirements.  All Public Housing Authorities that administer the HCV program have the option to establish an HCV homeownership program in their community.

What if my local PHA does not offer an HCV Homeownership Program? 

Community stakeholders and residents are encouraged to contact their PHA and ask them to participate in this program.  PHA contact information is available here.  

HCV Homeownership Dashboard

The Homeownership Dashboard shows which PHAs have an active voucher homeownership program both in number of participants and in historical closings as well as new enrollments, and, homeownership vouchers as a percentage of total HCV program and per unit cost.  The dashboard allows the user to drill down to the state and PHA-level.  The dashboard data with respect to homeownership vouchers is updated monthly with the most current and relevant data from HUD administrative systems.  Homeownership closings data originates from IMS/PIC and undergoes validation and reconciliation by HUD’s Financial Management Division (FMD) prior to the data being included in the dashboard.

The Homeownership dashboard is accessible both internally to HUD employees and externally to the public. The public-facing dashboard is embedded below and accessible via this link.

PHA Resources for Implementation

PHAs that need HUD assistance starting a homeownership program are encouraged to talk to their local HUD Field Office. For additional background information on the homeownership program, please see the resources listed below. 

Keys to Homeownership Quarterly Committee

HUD has organized a committee of HCV Homeownership Program Administrators and Stakeholders with a focus on developing strategies to remove barriers to homeownership, identify opportunities for program improvements, increase lender engagement, and reduce administrative burden in processing mortgage loans.  PHAs that are interested in participating should email HCV_Homeownership@hud.gov.

  • Access the 1/24/24 meeting recording via this link.

HCV Homeownership Webinar 

In this one-hour webinar, housing industry panelists provide information to assist PHAs in developing successful relationships with lenders, utilizing down payment assistance and other financial resources for home buyers, and addressing the affordability gap to maintain and expand the HCV homeownership program.

  • Access the 1/19/22 webinar recording via this link.

Related Program and Notices

HCV Homeownership Guidebook

This guidebook provides assistance to public housing authorities (PHAs) that are thinking about starting a homeownership program, and also to PHAs that have taken the first tentative steps and are wondering what to do next.

  • Access the HCV Homeownership Guidebook via this link.

Housing Counseling 

The law requires that housing counseling required under or provided in connection with all HUD programs is provided by HUD Certified Housing Counselors.  This statutory requirement was implemented by HUD through the Final rule for housing counseling certification.  PHAs are not required to become approved to participate in HUD’s Housing Counseling program (nor is the PHA’s staff required to become HUD certified counselors) as long as the PHA is not providing the homeownership and housing counseling themselves.  However, PHAs must ensure that any homeownership and housing counseling done in connection with the HCV homeownership option is provided by a HUD certified counselor working for a HUD-approved housing counseling agency.  HUD is in the process of updating the homeownership regulations to conform with this requirement.

  • Learn more about Housing Counseling via this link.

Homeownership Fees

HUD provides a special $1,000 fee for every homeownership closing.  In addition, HUD will also fund a one-time $500 special fee for each newly created HCV Homeownership Program at any PHA in CY 2023. This special fee also applies to Homeownership closings in the Moving-To-Work (MTW) Homeownership program, and the Family Self-Sufficiency program (HCV only). More information may be found in the yearly notices implementing the funding provisions for the HCV program..

  • Find the latest HCV funding notices via this link.

Homebuying Programs by State

Find additional information about home ownership and homebuying assistance programs sponsored by your state or local government or other organizations that can help you.

  • Find your State via this link. Click on "Learn About Homeownership" to learn more.


Homeownership Regulations and Forms