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Enterprise Voucher Management System (eVMS)

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The Enterprise Voucher Management System (eVMS) will improve Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program administration and modernize the process HUD uses to record monthly HCV program performance and calculate program payments.

eVMS will perform the following functions:

  • Automatically calculate housing assistance payments (HAPs) using the family-level data that PHAs already submit to HUD via the HUD-50058.
  • Calculate and track administrative fees across all voucher programs.
  • Make it easier for PHAs to make voucher issuance and other program decisions by providing a daily view of PHA funding balances.

Timeline of Rollout

eVMS Timeline Rollout

Information for PHAs

PHAs will continue to report in VMS until the full HCV Program transition to eVMS is complete and verified by HUD.

What should PHAs do to prepare for eVMS?

PHAs should prepare for eVMS by maintaining accurate household participation data reported in the HUD 50058.  HUD is providing tools and resources to make it easier for PHAs to submit timely and accurate 50058 data.  This includes:

  • The IMS/PIC Error Dashboard to prepare your PHA for transition to eVMS
    The IMS/PIC Error Dashboard allows users to view IMS/PIC fatal errors (which lead to rejections and inaccurate reporting) and overdue reexaminations greater than 14 months. PHAs can utilize the dashboard to help correct Fatal Errors which will improve HUD's programmatic data on new admissions, re-certifications and exits out of assistance programs. The dashboard along with other technical assistance and training resources will help PHAs correct errors and more accurately report their household program participation data in preparation for the transition to eVMS.

    Access the IMS/PIC Error Dashboard via this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ covers many of the questions we have received from PHAs and communicates Access the FAQ via this link.

Resources for PHA's in the eVMS Pilot or a Transition Wave

This page provides up-to-date webinars, user guides, and additional training resources for PHAs that are piloting eVMS or in the eVMS transition process. 

Access eVMS Pilot or Transition Wave resources via this link.

eVMS PHA Wave 1 On-Boarding & Training Recording (11/16/23)

This recording was presented to the 97 PHAs involved in the eVMS Wave 1 on November 16, 2023.

You can access the recording via this link. 

You can access the PowerPoint presentation via this link. 


Please refer to the above FAQs otherwise contact us via askEVMS@hud.gov.