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Heidi J. Frechette

Heidi J. Frechette serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Native American Programs in HUD’s Office of Public and Indian Housing. In her capacity, she manages a number of programs dedicated to Native American communities – including one that is the largest source of housing assistance – and leads a team of professionals in Washington, D.C., and eight other offices located throughout the country. Ms. Frechette, who is Menominee and Brothertown from Wisconsin, has over 20 years of experience in Native American law, policy, and legislative affairs. Prior to joining HUD, Ms. Frechette provided legal counsel, advice, and representation to Tribal, Federal, and State governments and the private sector. As Senior Counsel to the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, she drafted and managed passage of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Reauthorization Act of 2008. Ms. Frechette earned her Juris Doctor and Master of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Washington, DC


Office of Native American Programs
Washington Office
451 Seventh Street, Room 4108
Washington, D.C. 20410
Phone: (202) 401-7914
FAX: (202) 401-7909


Name Title
Office of Native American Program - Room 4108
Heidi J. Frechette Deputy Assistant Secretary
(202) 401-7914
Gary J. Cooper Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary
(202) 401-TBD
Deana K. O'Hara Senior Advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary (202) 402-4228
 Office of Loan Guarantee - Room 4108
Krisa Johnson Director (202) 402-4978
Jeffery Glass Deputy Director (202) 402-2355
Andrika Wagstaff Lead Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-2506
Valerie Williams Lead Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-2355
Mansoor Dean Senior Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-4061
Thelma Y. Pillay Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-2786
Kevin Hickey Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-2165
Erica Adedeji Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-6698
Andrew Lee Native American Policy Analyst (202) 402-6190
Rameda Williams Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-3591
Kenneth Greene Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-2529
Landrita Jacobs Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-4563
Jillian Worthen Loan Guarantee Specialist (202) 402-4445
 Grants Management - Room 4108
Hilary C. Atkin Director
(202) 402-3427
Donna A. Hines Lead Grants Management Specialist
(202) 402-8968
Rebecca L. Halloran Lead Grants Management Specialist (Out-stationed to Phoenix) (602)379-7183
Jacqueline Kruszek Lead Grants Management Specialist (Out-stationed to Denver) (303) 675-1606
Damon Adams Grants Management Specialist (202) 402-TBD
Joseph Taylor Grants Management Specialist (202) 475-8852
Jimese Price Grants Management Specialist
(202) 402-TBD
Tara S. Motley Grants Management Specialist (202) 475-4932
Diane Robb Grants Management Specialist (Out-stationed to Denver) (303) 675-1618
David Broadwell Grants Management Specialist (202) 402-TBD
Trish Stokes-Pham Grants Management Specialist (202) 402-4415
Zachary Pekor Grants Management Specialist (202) 402-TBD
Toni Park Grants Management Specialist (202) 402-TBD
 Grants Evaluation - Room 4108
Gary Nemec Director
(202) 402-2988
Danielle Schopp Environmental Clearance Officer (202) 402-4442
John E. Madore Lead Grants Evaluation Specialist (202) 402-2756
Mario Lindsey Grants Evaluation Specialist (202) 402-3276
Bryce Harper Grants Evaluation Specialist (202) 402-3787
Field Operations - Room 4108
Gary J. Cooper Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (202) 402-TBD
Claudine C. Allen Native Hawaiian Program Specialist (Out-stationed to Honolulu, HI)
(808) 457-4674
Diana M. Houston Native Hawaiian Program Specialist (Out-stationed to Honolulu, HI) (808) 457-4682
Janet L. Carter Native American Program Specialist
(202) 402-4147
Headquarters Operations - Room 4108
Brian Cook Director
(202) 402-7419
Mikko Makarainen Senior Native American Policy Analyst (202) 402-6971
Keith Giarrusso Native American Program Specialist (202) 402-3125
Suzette Agans Native American Program Specialist
(202) 402-5089
Patrice Baker Native American Program Specialist
(202) 402-2109
Lee Sobel Native American Program Specialist (202) 402-5478
Thorin Druch Native American Program Specialist (Out-stationed to Phoenix) (602) 379-7224
Dawn D. Graham Staff Assistant
(202) 402-2577
Shelia Stitt Staff Assistant (202) 402-6423
Marie Ellison Staff Assistant (202) 402-4141
Performance and Planning - Room 4108
Jad K. Atallah Director
(202) 402-5378
Nick Zolkowski Native American Program Specialist (202) 402-4507
Iris Friday Native American Program Specialist (Out-stationed to Seattle)
(206) 220-5420
Neill L. Minish Native American Program Specialist  (202) 402-4666




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