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09-29-2021 CARES Act Reporting Update
09-09-2021 Training Webinars for the Indian Community Development Block Grant Program and Indian Housing Block Grant Competitive Program Notices of Funding Opportunities
09-08-2021 Taking Action to Prevent Evictions
09-01-2021 Tribal Consultation on the Implementation Plan to Develop a Coordinated Environmental Review Process
08-25-2021 Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) Competitive Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)
08-24-2021 Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)
08-18-2021 Draft Floodplain Management and Wetlands Protection Regulations for Comment
08-06-2021 CDC Eviction Moratorium Extension
07-20-2021 Indian Community Development Block Grant American Rescue Plan (ICDBG-ARP) Implementation Notice Published and Training Scheduled
07-19-2021 Emergency Rental Assistance Program Webinar for Tribes and TDHEs
07-06-2021 Summer Heat and Safety
06-30-2021 Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee program (Section 184) and Section 184A Native Hawaiian Home Loan Guarantee program (Section 184A) extension of foreclosure and eviction moratoriums and further expansion of
the COVID-19 Forbearance
06-29-2021 CDC Issues an Order Extending the Eviction Moratorium to July 31, 2021
06-28-2021 CARES Act Reporting
06-10-2021 Consultation on Updating HUD’s Floodplain Management and Wetlands Protection Regulations
06-08-2021 Rescheduling CDC Eviction Moratorium and Prevention Resources Webinar
05-28-2021 FY 2022 IHBG Estimate Cover Letter
05-27-2021 Consultation on the Coordinated Environmental Review Process Implementation Plan
05-18-2021 FCC's Emergency Broadband Benefit
05-17-2021 Consultation on the FY2021 Continuum of Care Program Competition
04-19-2021 Financial Resources through the ARP Act of 2021
04-14-2021 IHBG-ARP Implementation Notice
04-08-2021 Strengthening Tribal Consultation – Plan of Actions
03-30-2021 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Issues an Order extending the Eviction Moratorium
to June 30, 2021
03-26-2021 CARES Act Reporting Update
03-25-2021 Allocations for the Indian Housing Block Grant program under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
03-19-2021 Tribal Consultation-Implementing ICDBG under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
03-18-2021 Secretary Fudge- March 23, 2021 Tribal Consultation
03-12-2021 American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
03-08-2021 Strengthening Tribal Consultation- Session 2
03-04-2021 Tribal Housing and Related Infrastructure Interagency Task Force (THRIITF)
03-03-2021 Reminder of Deadline for FY 2022 Census Challenges
03-01-2021 Tribal Consultation for Continuum of Care Program
02-25-2021 FY21 Final Formula Allocation
02-18-2021 Supporting Access to COVID-19 Vaccinations
02-17-2021 Corrections to FR-6400-N-73 - Technical Corrections to the Tribal HUD-VASH NOFA
02-03-2021 Strengthening Tribal Consultation
01-29-2021 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issues an Order extending the Eviction Moratorium to March 31, 2021
01-28-2021 Publication of Tribal Housing and Urban Development-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (Tribal HUD-VASH) Expansion Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) Training Sessions
01-15-2021 Publication of Tribal Housing and Urban Development-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (Tribal HUD-VASH) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)



Tribal Consultation for Housing Counselor Certification Requirements

12-17-2020 CARES Act recipients will not be required to submit a quarterly report (Oct. 1st- Dec. 31st) for the January 10, 2021 deadline.
11-04-2020 Training for CARES Act Reporting
10-23-2020 CARES Act Reporting Requirements
10-23-2020 Publication of Section 3 Final Rule and Impact on Tribes and TDHEs
09-10-2020 Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG)-Competitive Grant Program: 1) Corrected Application Package and 2) Training Session
08-11-2020 FY 2020 Indian Housing Block Grant Competitive Grant NOFA
05-29-2020 FY 2021 IHBG Formula Allocation Estimates
05-27-2020 Section 184 Skilled Worker Program
05-19-2020 ICDBG-CARES Implementation Training
05-15-2020 ICDBG-CARES Implementation Notice


Publication of IHBG-CARES Implementation Notice


Input Requested on ICDBG-CARES Act Grant Ceilings


COVID-19 Statutory and Regulatory Waiver Authority


Allocations for IHBG program under the Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act- (IHBG-CARES Formula Allocations)

Funding Summary

View IHBG-CARES Formula Allocation

03-25-2020 ONAP Status and Recommendation of Temporary Moratorium on all Evictions and Foreclosures under ONAP Grant Programs
02-14-2020 Proposed Rule on Downpayment Requirements under FHA’s Single-family Mortgage Insurance Programs
02-13-2020 Two-Year Notices of Funding Availability for ONAP Competitive Programs


07-16-2019 Proposed Regulatory Changes to Rules for Equal Participation of Faith Based Organizations in HUD Programs
06-03-2019 Expanding the Tribal HUD-VASH program
05-07-2019 Notice of Funding Availability-IHBG Competitive Grant Program
04-23-2019 Section 184 Draft Proposed Regulations – Additional Consultation Sessions
04-19-2019 Secretary Carson letter regarding Opportunity Zones

Section 184 Draft Proposed Regulations – Tribal 60-day Comment Period

03-28-2019 Introducing PDAS Hunter Kurtz
02-25-2019 Reopened ICDBG Application period
02-15-2019 FY2019 Funding Bill Announcement


11-05-2018 Tribal input on subparts B & C of the draft proposed Section 184 regulations.
06-27-2018 Update on Section 184 Regulations and homeownership opportunities in Indian Country
05-16-2018 Environmental Regulatory Reform
05-08-2018 Comments to Environmental Review Online System Roll-out
04-05-2018 Section 184 Tribal Consultation Update
3-12-2018 Section 184 National Information call and scheduled consultation sessions
2-2-2018 Section 184 Consultation Sessions
1-26-2018 Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach Resources


12-1-2017 Seeking comments regarding EPIC Roll out May 1, 2018
10-03-2017 Ms. Dominique Blom, New General Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing
09-22-2017 Coordinated Environmental Review Initiative
08-01-2017 FY 2018 Formula Response Form delay and new deadlines
07-21-2017 ConnectHome Program Expansion
02-07-2017 Coordinated Environmental Review Initiative moving forward with recommendations.


12-21-2016 Establishment of HUD’s Tribal Intergovernmental Advisory Committee and Call for Nominations
12-14-2016 Coordinated Environmental Review Initiative review of draft documents:
11-22-2016 24 CFR Part 1000 Revisions to the Indian Housing Block Grant Program Formula Final Rule
11-01-2016 Proposed rule on new floodplain elevation standards
08-26-2016 Environmental Justice public meetings scheduled in four cities
06-27-2016 Tribal Consultation Policy and Advisory Committee Structure
06-23-2016 Proposed fee increase for participation in Section 184
06-20-2016 Housing Needs Study Draft Report to be issued July 7, 2016
05-31-2016 Proposed rule to revise the Indian Housing Block Grant Formula
05-18-2016 2016 Youth Summer Opportunity Project
05-09-2016 Tribal Consultation on equal access to HUD’s programs regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.
02-10-2016 Coordinated Environmental Review Initiative


10-23-2015 Tribal HUD-VA Supportive Housing Initiative announced in Federal Register.
09-03-2015 Announcement of Deputy Assistant Secretary, Rodger Boyd’s, retirement on October 2, 2015.
08-28-2015 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) FY 2015 Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG)
*See Full NOFA for Application deadline
07-24-2015 Update on Tribal HUD- Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD VASH) Program
05-29-2015 Invitation to Consultation at NCAI Mid-Year Conference regarding Coordinated Environmental Review Initiative
04-24-2015 Coordinated Environmental Review Initiative
04-13-2015 Proposed Revisions to Consultation Policy
01-28-2015 LGBT Non-Discrimination Possible Regulatory Changes
01-26-2015 HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Demonstration Program Design


11-19-2014 Proposed changes to equal participation of faith-based organizations in HUD programs
11-12-2014 Revised draft of Tribal Government-to-Government Consultation Policy