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An environmental review is the process of reviewing a project and its potential environmental impacts to determine whether it meets federal, state, and local environmental standards. The environmental review process is required for all HUD-assisted projects to ensure that the proposed project does not negatively impact the surrounding environment, and that the property site itself will not have an adverse environmental or health effect on residents. HUD’s Office of Environment and Energy (OEE) manages the overall environmental review process for HUD. You will find an overview of HUD environmental requirements, as well as regulations, formats, guidance and training materials on the Environmental Review page. If you have questions about environmental review, please contact the assigned Grants Management Specialist or Grants Evaluation Specialist in your Area Office.




  • Web-Based Instructional System for Environmental Reviews (WISER)
    WISER teaches grantees how to understand and address all aspects of the environmental review process required for all HUD-assisted projects. This set of self-paced online learning modules can be completed in any order. Each module includes its own learning assessment and opportunity for obtaining a certificate of completion.
  • Webinars
    The Environmental Reviews Training webinars, held by HUD's Office of Environment and Energy, provide comprehensive information for grantees and staff on the various components of the environmental review process. All major topics are discussed by subject matter experts. HUD records all Environmental Review Training webinars; these webinar presentations and accompanying materials are available here.







HEROS is an online system for developing, documenting, and managing environmental reviews. It covers all levels of environmental reviews for both Part 50 and Part 58 projects and includes on-screen guidance for completing HUD environmental reviews.


  • Office of Environment and Energy
    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is in the process of updating its floodplain management and wetlands protection regulations. In accordance with HUD’s Tribal Consultation Policy, HUD is reaching out to Tribal leaders to solicit feedback during a consultation on June 28, 2021. Specifically, HUD is seeking comments regarding HUD’s floodplain management and wetlands protection regulations at 24 CFR Part 55 and how to implement the Federal Flood Risk Management Standards (FFRMS). Please send comments to:  EnvironmentalPlanningDivision@hud.gov. The comment period expires on July 13, 2021.


  • Tribal Housing and Related Infrastructure Interagency Task Force
    The Tribal Housing and Related Infrastructure Interagency Task Force (THRIITF) is comprised of Federal agencies and Tribal representatives to develop a coordinated and streamlined environmental review for Tribal housing and related infrastructure projects. THRIITF background, documents and reports are available here.