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Published in the Federal Register on November 22, 2016 this Final Rule revises the Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG). The new regulation will take effect for the fiscal year 2018 IHBG allocations. One of the most significant changes will be that the formula data will be drawn from the United States Decennial Census and the (U. S. Census) American Community Survey; however, there will be adjustments to minimize the volatility such change could trigger. Other changes include administrative changes to the demolition language and conveyance requirements, and an increase to the minimum grant amount. Please see the Dear Tribal Leaders Letter dated 11/22/12016.

FY 2018 Formula Response Form delay and new deadline to Nov. 6, 2017

Due to delays in appropriations for FY 2017, the FY 2018 Indian Housing Block Grant Formula Response Form could not be accurately prepared by the June 1st date. Therefore, the FY 2018 Formula Response Form will be published no later than September 6, 2017. The deadline for tribes/TDHEs to respond to the Formula Response Form will be extended to November 6, 2017, which will still provide tribes/TDHEs the customary 60-day response period. Read the full Dear Tribal Leaders Letter dated 8/1/2017.

What is IHBG Formula?

Funds appropriated by Congress for the Indian Housing Block Grant Program (IHBG) are made available to eligible grant recipients through a formula. Regulations governing the formula can be found at 24 CFR Part 1000, Subpart D. On November 22, 2016, the Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Final Rule was published revising the IHBG Formula.

In brief, the formula has four components; Need, Formula Current Assisted Stock, 1996 Minimum, and Undisbursed IHBG funds factor. The Need component considers population, income, and housing conditions. The Formula Current Assisted Stock component reflects housing developed under the United States Housing Act (the predecessor of the IHBG program) which is owned and/or operated by the IHBG recipient and provides funds for ongoing operation of the housing. The 1996 Minimum provides adjustments when an Indian tribe is allocated more or less funding under the IHBG formula than it received in FY 1996 for operating subsidy and modernization. The Undisbursed IHBG funds factor provides adjustments for tribes with an initial allocation of $5 million or more and has undisbursed IHBG funds in an amount greater than the sum of the prior three years’ initial allocation calculations.

An Indian tribe may challenge the Need portion of the IHBG formula provided the data are gathered, evaluated, and presented in a manner that is fair and equitable for all participating tribes. Tribes have until March 30 of each year to submit challenges to their Needs data in consideration for the upcoming fiscal year. Guidelines for submitting challenges will be available shortly.

HUD has until June 1 of each fiscal year to report to recipients their annual IHBG estimated allocation and the data used to compute the estimated allocation. The Formula Response Form (FRF) is designated by 24 CFR 1000.302 as the form recipients use to report data changes to HUD. It is the recipients' responsibility to report any discrepancies or changes in their IHBG data to HUD. Tribes have until August 1st of each year to submit corrections to Formula Current Assisted Stock, Formula Area, Population Cap and Overlapping Formula Area data in consideration for the upcoming fiscal year. In accordance with Section 1000.315 the FRF is the only mechanism that a recipient shall use to report changes to the number of FCAS.

Census Challenge Waiver

Challenging the U.S. Census Data: Guideline for the Indian Housing Block Grant Formula Click Here

Contact the IHBG Formula Customer Service Center 1-800-410-8808 with questions.

In Accordance with 1000.336(d), tribes must submit Census challenges to HUD by March 30, 2017 for consideration for the FY 2018 IHBG Formula allocation. This year, tribes/TDHEs may be notified of their Needs data by June 1, 2017 or later. As such, a Census Challenge Waiver has been issued, extending the submission deadline to March 30, 2018.

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