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December 2019


Dec 9-11

NAIHC Legal Symposium

Las Vegas, NV

For more info., visithttp://naihc.net/legal-symposium/

Dec 9-11

Homebuyer Education Workshop

Las Vegas, NV

Participants will learn how to deliver a comprehensive homebuyer education program designed to help educate prospective native homebuyers on how to become successful homeowners. The curriculum is specifically tailored for Native Americans. read more  For more, visit www.naihc.net

Dec 17-18

Needs Assessment

Anchorage, AK

AAHA will host a two (2) day training on Needs Assessment. Alaska Tribes and Tribally Designated Housing
Entities (TDHE) must understand the housing needs in the communities to be able to fairly and effectively
distribute NAHASDA funds to achieve housing goals of homeownership, rentals, repairs and housing services
programs. To increase affordable, energy efficient housing within their regions, it is critical that these tribes
and TDHEs have access to solid data to help make informed decisions on where to invest, what types of
housing program to develop and which funding programs to target. Knowledge derived through housing needs
assessments can also assist by achieving a compelling funding case for outside investors.

Location: Dimond Center Hotel 700 E Dimond Blvd (907) 770-5000
Reservations: www.dimondcenterhotel.com Group Code: AAHA129
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January 2020


February 2020


Feb 4-5


Anchorage, AK

AAHA will host a two (2) day training to provide participants with a solid foundation for complying with the self-monitoring requirements of NAHASDA and 2 CFR 200, and to provide strategies and insights that recipients can utilize to make self-monitoring an effective tool to accomplish their goals. This training will emphasize the development of local self-monitoring plans that are appropriate and effective for the size and needs of the recipient’s program. The training will provide participants with the most current information on the requirements as well as the tools that are available to support recipient self-monitoring.

Location: Dimond Center Hotel 700 E Dimond Blvd  (907)770-5000
Reservations: www.dimondcenterhotel.com Group Code: AHA23
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Feb 4-6

National Tribal Crime Prevention Summit

Denver, CO

FREE forum for tribal leaders and federal agencies to discuss methamphetamine prevalence, opioid addiction, violence against women, and gang violence. Discussion of these topics will aid tribal leaders to come up with unified efforts for their community to combat these crimes. Participants will learn about how these topics affect housing and the greater tribal community. Info. on available funding sources and ideas for implementing policies to prevent and address these crimes will be shared. Tribal leaders, housing department executives, housing authority leaders, and interested tribal community members are encouraged to participate in this event. Register at http://www.cvent.com/events/national-crime-prevention-summit/event-summary-5af4e881e40040c6a2035c151dd8c2ef.aspx .

March 2020


Mar 17-19

Contract Administration & Procurement

Anchorage, AK

This interactive three-day training will provide attendees with a formal workshop on Procurement and Contract Administration. The training will provide information and guidance under the Native American Housing and Self‐Determination Act (NAHASDA) for housing authority staff and tribal members to understand and meet the program requirements for procurement and contract administration.

Location: Dimond Center Hotel 700 E Dimond Blvd (907) 770-5000
Reservations: www.dimondcenterhotel.com Group Code: AHA316
Registration: To Register click here