What's New

  • 2023 HUD TDC Limits: 2023 Unit Total Development Cost (TDC) limits for physical obsolescence threshold review
  • PIH 2023-07: Notice regarding the Implementation of the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2023 Funding Provisions for the Housing Choice Voucher Program

  • Repositioning Office Hours: Subject Matter Experts from HUD’s Office of Recap, SAC, Voucher Program, and Field Operations will be available to answer questions about repositioning — particularly questions that other PHAs would benefit from having HUD staff address in a live recorded webinar.
  • Below Fair Market Value Disposition: Learn more about the use restrictions for a below FMV disposition application that may be imposed by HUD SAC on an affordable housing future use, or another commensurate public benefit.  
  • Resident Engagement and Repositioning: Learn why resident engagement matters and how PHAs can meaningfully engage with their residents on public housing reinvestment/repositioning decisions. PHAs will leave this webinar better able to empower, support, and transparently engage with residents throughout a redevelopment process.  
  • Mixed-Finance Development: PHAs will learn about public and private financing sources for developing public housing as well as how it relates to RAD.
  • PHA Asset Repositioning Post-Closing How-To: Instructional video series for Post-Closing functions for public housing asset repositioning.