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Have you Considered RAD?

HUD strongly encourages PHAs contemplating demolition/disposition applications for their public housing units to consider HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. RAD offers various advantages to residents and PHAs over Section 18 such as resident protections, extensive waivers of statutes and regulations to enable long-term preservation (e.g. ability to retain reserves at the project). Accordingly, prior to submitting a demolition or disposition application, HUD strongly encourages PHAs to complete the RAD Inventory Assessment Tool to make a first-level assessment (as potential RAD candidates) of all units they are considering for demolition or disposition. HUD staff (at the SAC and the RAD team) are available to assist PHAs in completing this assessment tool. In addition, in accordance with PIH Notice 2018-04, PHAs are able to blend RAD with disposition if certain conditions are met. HUD staff are available to provide PHAs with technical assistance on the best HUD tool for repositioning their particular housing units. PHAs should contact rad@hud.gov to request such technical assistance. See also RAD Conversion Guide for PHAs.

Already have an approved CHAP under RAD? Instructions for submitting a removal application via IMS/PIC are available here. Read the explanation of property in RAD PIC application (MS-Word).

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The Special Applications Center (SAC) enables the Office of Public and Indian Housing to assist Housing Authorities in their efforts to efficiently and effectively meet the housing needs of their communities through the specialized review and approval of non-funded, non-competitive applications, related to:

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Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

Have you considered RAD?

RAD can help owners rehabilitate properties and avoid demolition or disposition.

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