24 CFR 970.27(a) & (b)

In any 5-year period a PHA may demolish no more than 5  dwelling units OR 5% of the total dwelling units owned by the PHA, which ever is fewer.

24 CFR 970.27(c)

The demolished unit is for meeting the service or other needs of the public housing residents (i.e., community center, laundry facility, office space, etc.) OR Beyond repair





All de minimis demolition submissions must be made electronically through PIC. 

Submit the following information:

  • Environmental Review under Part 50 or 58
  • 24 CFR § 970.9: Resident Consultation
  • 24 CFR § 970.7(a)(1): PHA Plan (under 24 CFR part 903)
  • 24 CFR § 970.7(a)(2): Description of the Property
  • 24 CFR § 970.7(a)(12): If PHA is requesting a waiver of the requirement for the application of proceeds for repayment of outstanding debt, the PHA must request such a waiver
  • 24 CFR § 970.7(a)(13): Board Resolution, signed after resident and government consultation
  • 24 CFR § 970.7(a)(14): Consult local government official and Letter of Support

Required Forms:

See De Minimis Submission Checklist >

See De Minimis Order of Operations >

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