Staff Directory

Special Applications Center personnel can be now contacted at direct dial telephone number listed below or by calling (312) 353-6236 and the extension that is last four digit of the direct dial phone number. They can also be contacted via e-mail by clicking on their names.

Phone Number
Jane Hornstein Director
(312) 913-8766
James Isaacs Division Director (312) 913-8306
Katherine (Katie) Stuckemeyer Division Director (312) 913-8057
Darryl McGee Program Analyst
(312) 913-8097
Kathleen A. Szybist Program Analyst
(312) 913-8153
Phaedra Mapp Senior Neighborhood and Community Investment Specialist (312) 913-8324
Donald Gardiner Program Analyst (312) 913-8605
Marcus Sanders Program Assistant (312) 913-8058
Andres Acosta Neighborhood and Community Investment Specialist (312) 913-8003
Allison N. Kappeyne Van De Coppello Neighborhood and Community Investment Specialist (312) 913-8340
Victoria M. Vann Neighborhood and Community Investment Specialist
(312) 913-8210
Marie Butler Public Housing Revitalization Specialist
(312) 913-8323
Clyde Ellzey Public Housing Revitalization Specialist
(312) 913-8133
Sunny Grover Public Housing Revitalization Specialist
(312) 913-8329
Alex Z. Nasser, P.E. General Engineer
(904) 208-6105
Darnell Shareef Public Housing Revitalization Specialist
(312) 913-8012
Jacqueline Stevenson-Storey Public Housing Revitalization Specialist
(312) 913-8331
Arona Hamlin Public Housing Revitalization Specialist
(312) 913-8021

Special Applications Center Postal Address
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building
77 West Jackson Boulevard, Room 2401
Chicago, IL 60604-3507
Telephone: (312) 353-6236
Fax: (312) 913-8892