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Single-Family Portfolio Snapshot

The single-family portfolio report generator is updated every month.

The Single-Family Portfolio Snapshot consists of a monthly data table and a report generator (Excel pivot table) that can be used to quickly create new reports of interest to the user from the data records. The data records themselves are loan level records using all of the categorical variables highlighted on the report generator table. Users may download and save the Excel file that contains the data records and the pivot table.

The report generator sheet consists of an Excel pivot table that gives individual users some ability to analyze monthly trends on dimensions of interest to them. There are six choice dimensions: property state, property county, loan purpose, loan type, property product type, and downpayment source.

Each report generator selection variable has an associated drop-down menu that is accessed by clicking once on the associated arrows. Only single selections can be made from each menu. For example, users must choose one state or all states, one county or all counties. If a county is chosen that does not correspond with the selected state, the result will be null values.

The data records include each report generator choice variable plus the property zip code, originating mortgagee (lender) number, sponsor-lender name, sponsor number, nonprofit gift provider tax identification number, interest rate, and FHA insurance endorsement year and month. The report generator only provides output for the dollar amount of loans. Users who desire to analyze other data that are available on the data table, for example, interest rates or sponsor number, must first download the Excel file. See the Data Definitions (PDF) for details on each data element.