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Technical Suitability of Products User Fee Payments

On April 1, 2016, HUD implemented an electronic payment system operated by the Department of Treasury for all User Fees submitted under the Technical Suitability of Products (TSP) program.  Payments to the lockbox in Atlanta are no longer accepted.

The electronic TSP User Fee form can be accessed directly at:  https://pay.gov/public/form/start/73881741

Sponsors can also type in “TSP” in the search box or click on the “Find an Agency” link and select “Housing and Urban Development: Office of Financial Analysis & Reporting” on the Pay.gov web page.

The User Fee Schedule for the Technical Suitability of Products program was published as a notice along with a final rule on August 9, 1984, and later revised in notices published on January 22, 1985, August 1, 1990, and May 1, 1997.  This revised schedule increases fees and amends the fee schedule stated in the May 1, 1997 notice. The effective date for this notice is September 19, 2016.

For customer questions, concerns, or technical issues, please contact Pay.gov Customer Service at 800-624-1373 or by email at pay.gov.clev@clev.frb.org.  If you have any questions regarding the TSP User Fee, please contact HUD at hsgmps@hud.gov.