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Maturing Subsidized Mortgages

A GAO audit suggested that HUD identify subsidized projects with mortgages maturing in the next ten years. This data may be helpful to organizations interested in preserving affordable housing, by identifying those projects that will no longer be governed by the terms of the subsidized loan at some future date. It should be noted, however, that most of these projects also have project-based rental assistance contracts (e.g., Section 8) that contain restrictions on use and occupancy, and provide tenant protections which continue independent of the mortgage. State and local laws also affect the rights of owners and tenants, and market conditions will play a significant role in determining the rent levels for each project over time. Therefore, mere fact that a project's mortgage is maturing does not automatically indicate that any changes in its operation will occur.

Data, as of July 7, 2022 for Project Physical Inspection Scores can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or in a Portable Document Format (pdf) file:

 Alabama Illinois Montana Puerto Rico
 Alaska Indiana Nebraska Rhode Island
 Arizona Iowa Nevada South Carolina
 Arkansas Kansas New Hampshire South Dakota
 California Kentucky New Jersey Tennessee
 Colorado Louisiana New Mexico Texas
 Connecticut Maine New York Utah
 Delaware Maryland North Carolina Vermont
 District of Columbia Massachusetts North Dakota Virginia


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