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Multifamily Housing HOTMA Training Videos and Resources

Welcome to the Multifamily Housing - Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act (HOTMA) Training Videos and Resources webpage. This resource contains an overview of Notice H2023-10, provides guidance to MFH owners on the implementation of the many program changes brought about by HOTMA Sections 102 and 104, as well the Final Rule published in Federal Register Notice 88 FR 9600 on February 14, 2023. The following is a list of  training videos and accompanying resources related to HOTMA for HUD Staff and Owners/Agents.

Implementation Overview- Training Video:

Implementation Overview- Training Video: Concise overview of Notice H 2023-10 Implementation Guidance, focusing on understanding its purpose and key elements such as important dates, superseded notices, and attachment topics.

Net Family Assets- Training Video:

Net Family Assets- Training Video: Introduces the revised definition of Net Family Assets, including the use of self-certification and a comprehensive list of excluded and included assets, and understanding when to impute income.

Determining Income- Training Video:

Determining Income- Training Video: Explanation of the new annual income definition, guiding viewers to identify included and excluded income sources, the latest income exclusions, and other income considerations.

Mandatory Deductions & Hardships - Training Video:

Mandatory Deductions & Hardships - Training Video: Overview of changes to existing mandatory deductions and expenses, providing insights into newly established hardship exemptions and policy requirements.

Annual Reexaminations - Training Video:

Annual Reexaminations - Training Video: Guides participants through the three basic steps of an Annual Reexamination, demonstrating how to verify a tenant's income and correct de minimis errors in income calculations.

Verifications & Other Related Topics - Training Video:

Verifications & Other Related Topics - Training Video: Overview of key changes focusing on clarifying EIV changes, examining the Safe Harbor Method, and reviewing the verification hierarchy.

Interim Reexaminations - Training Video:

Interim Reexaminations - Training Video: Clarifies interim and non-interim reexaminations, aids in estimating and verifying income for interim reviews, educating families on new requirements, and ensuring accurate rent adjustments. 

Asset Limitation - Training Video

Asset Limitation - Training Video: Overviews the requirements of the new asset limitation, exemptions to the Real Property Restriction, owner discretionary enforcement options and exception policies, and provides guidance on the non-compliance process. 






Last updated: 5/16/2024

If you have questions about HOTMA Training  and Resources, please Contact: mfh_hotma@hud.gov