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Multifamily Online Systems

Multifamily Online systems are for authorized users only. Before an authorized user can Login to any of Multifamily's online systems they will first have to Apply for a user ID and Password for general access to HUD's Web Access Security Subsystem (WASS). Registration Instructions are available from HUD's Office of Real Estate Management (REAC). All users must access WASS and Reset their Passwords at least once in 90 days to maintain active status. The user is presented with the required Rules of Behavior (ROB), which must be accepted during initial login and then annually thereafter.

Related Information

For each obligation of funds, the recipient is required to have a DUNS number and a valid registration in the System for Award Management (SAM). NOTE: After obtaining a DUNS number allow 24 to 48 hours for the record to become activated before registering with the SAM.

The Financial Assessment (FASS) system is used for submitting Multifamily Annual Financial Statements to the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC). System access is through WASS.

The Physical Assessment Subsystem, (PASS), ensures that families living in rental housing that is owned, insured or subsidized by HUD, have housing that is decent, safe, affordable, and in good repair.

HUD Resources

For Multifamily Systems, Email the Multifamily Help Desk or call 1-888-297-8689, option 5

For WASS, FASS, or PASS problems contact the PIH-REAC Technical Assistance Center or call 1-888-245-4860

Want More Information?

How to obtain authorization to become a secure systems Coordinator or User

HUD Notice H 2011-01 "Requiring Owners with Project-Based Section 8 Rental Assistance Contracts or Section 202 or 811 Project Rental Assistance Contracts to Obtain Dun and Bradstreet Numbering System (DUNS) Numbers and to register in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR)"