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Active Partners Performance System (APPS)

Prospective entities and individuals that want to take an active role (e.g. owners, managing agents etc.) in HUD multifamily and healthcare projects should get approval by submitting HUD form 2530 also known as Previous Participation Certification.  Active Partners Performance System (APPS) is a web-based application that enables Industry business partners to submit HUD form 2530 electronically and for HUD staff to review and approve the same.

HUD published the final rule for revised regulations (24 CFR part 200) with an effective date of November 14, 2016. The regulations are available @ https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2016-10-14/pdf/2016-24619.pdf. Along with the regulations HUD also published the Processing Guide (Notice H 2016-15 issued October 20, 2016) for Previous Participation Reviews of Prospective Multifamily Housing and Healthcare Programs’ Participants. The Guide defines Controlling Participants for previous participation review and flag protocols in federal programs of certain participants seeking to take part in multifamily housing and healthcare programs administered by HUD’s Office of Housing. The Guide aids in clarifying and simplifying the process by which HUD reviews previous participation of participants that have decision making authority over their projects as one component of HUD’s responsibility to assess financial and operational risk to projects in these programs.

Facts about APPS

APPS will:

  • replace the current 2530 paper process
  • provide a more efficient approval process
  • secure and protect all data sent in by industry through an ID and password process
  • automate the Field Office review process by searching for all flags after the 2530 has been submitted to the Field Office by the business partners
  • allow Field Offices to view all flags found on an entity, or individual
  • reduce paper work.
  • allow entities to keep their personal information updated, i.e. Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, etc.


Want More Information?

For questions about APPS contact the Multifamily Help Desk by phone at 1-(800) 767-7588 or email.

What's New

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