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Multifamily Housing
Policy Drafting Table

Making it easier to do business with FHA Multifamily (MF) Housing

This "Drafting Table" page will be our resource for posting drafts of upcoming proposed policies.

The new MF policy development process utilizes a three-step “Post”, “Publish” and “Effective” process:

  • Post – MF offices will post the links to each policy for your review and feedback.
  • Publish – After the “Posted for Feedback” period ends and we assess the feedback received, MF will publish the final policy content on HUDClips.
  • Effective – MF will provide a future effective date on which published MF content becomes effective policy and supersedes all other existing MF policy documentation on that topic.

Your input is important.

We value your feedback. We ask that you follow the instructions for reviewing and providing feedback listed on each content page and submit your voluntary feedback to us by the “due by” dates.