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Suspended Payment

A payment is suspended when case information submitted with the payment is invalid or incorrect or is inconsistent with a previous case payment. Causes for a suspended payment include:

  • Invalid closing date
  • Invalid case number
  • Invalid mortgagee ID
  • Mortgagee ID mismatch (mortgagee ID does not match previous payment mortgagee ID)
  • Closing date mismatch (closing date does not match the previous payment closing date)

Until a correction is made, the payment cannot be put towards the endorsement of the case for FHA insurance. See Correcting Case Information Submitted with a Payment.

A case is given a suspended status in either of these circumstances:

  • The required amount of upfront mortgage insurance premium has not been paid for the case due to a suspended payment.
  • There are unpaid late and/or interest charges (penalties).

On the FHA Connection, the Unendorsed Cases report provides information on cases for which an upfront MIP payment was suspended and a link to Case Master Summary for details. See Getting Case Information and Reports.