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Getting Case Information and Reports on Upfront MIP Payments

The FHA Connection is used to get payment and case information before and after submitting a Single Family upfront mortgage insurance premium (MIP) payment.

Before Submitting a Payment

Case Query, Origination Reports, and Unendorsed Cases on the FHA Connection are used for Researching Information before Submitting an Upfront MIP Payment.

After Submitting a Payment

Information is available immediately if the upfront MIP payment was submitted via the FHA Connection. If the payment was submitted during business hours via CPU to CPU batch file transmission, wait approximately an hour after submission. Use the following FHA Connection options on the Upfront Premium Collection menu:

  • Case History: Provides a chronological list of every transaction or event related to the collection of upfront MIP for a specified case.
  • Case Master Summary: Provides comprehensive details related to the collection of upfront MIP for a specified case.
  • Payment Details: Provides detailed information on upfront MIP payments HUD received for a specified case.

For further information on Case History, Case Master Summary, and Payment Details, see the Upfront Premium Case Information module of the FHA Connection Guide [PDF].

The next business day, after the upfront MIP payment is submitted, get the following reports from the FHA Connection's Upfront Premium Collection menu:

  • Penalties Due: Lists cases that have an unpaid late and/or interest charge amount (penalties).
  • Refinance Exceptions: Lists refinanced loans (new cases) that received an upfront MIP payment but either have incorrect refinance information or no refinance credit from the prior FHA-insured loan (old case) to put toward the new case. Only applicable to the FHA to FHA type of refinance case.
  • Unendorsed Cases: Lists cases that have not been endorsed for FHA insurance and for which upfront MIP was received.

For further information on these reports, see the Upfront Premium Reports module of the FHA Connection Guide [PDF].

See also information on the seven-day waiting period for insurance endorsement.