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Adjusting a Late and/or Interest Charge

An adjustment is the removal of late and/or interest charges assessed on a late Single Family upfront mortgage insurance premium (MIP) payment.

An adjustment may be requested for one of the following reasons:

  • Disaster conditions at mortgagee or HUD site
  • Transmission problem at HUD site
  • System problem at HUD site

Adjustments are processed by the Lender Assistance Section of HUD's Single Family Insurance Operations Division (SFIOD). To request an adjustment, send an email to LendersAdjustments@hud.gov and include the following in the request:

  • Subject line of the e-mail message must include the lender ID and indicate the program type (Periodic or Upfront) Late/Interest Adjustment Request
  • Lender Name and ID
  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) case numbers of affected cases
  • Date the late payment was remitted
  • Indication of whether adjustment is for late, interest, or both
  • Reason for the adjustment
  • Lender contact name, email, and telephone number

Upon request, you must submit documentation needed to support the late/interest adjustment.