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Portfolio Layout

The Portfolio report file, also called the Audit report, provides information about the FHA cases you are currently servicing. It includes critical FHA case information such as monthly premium, bill type, servicer transfer date, and more.

On the FHA Connection, this report is generated when requested, so all information is current. For the Alternate Report Retrieval process (secure file transfer process), an updated monthly Portfolio report file, with active cases only,  is available on or about the first day of the month.  A weekly Portfolio report file is also available through the Alternate Report Retrieval process and includes active and terminated cases.

Field Name <>Length <>Type Start Position >Picture >Description
Mortgagee ID Alphanumeric  X(5)  Lender on record in HUD's Single Family Insurance System (SFIS) as servicing the case when the report file was created. First five digits of the FHA's unique 10-digit identifier assigned to the servicing lender.
FHA Case Number  11  Alphanumeric  X(11)  Unique 10-digit identifier assigned to the FHA loan by HUD. The first two positions identify the state where the property is located, the third position identifies the HUD Field Office territory in which the property is located, the next six positions identify the serial number, and the final position is the check digit.
Exempt Indicator  Alphanumeric  17  X(1) Indicates if the loan is exempt from Risk-Based MIP payments. Values: Y=Yes, N=No.
Report Date  Alphanumeric  18  YYYYMMDD  Date the information for the Portfolio file was retrieved from SFIS/A43 and generated.
Section of the Act  Alphanumeric  26  X(4)  ADP code representing the section of the National Housing Act under which the case is insured.
Original Mortgage Amount Numeric  30  9(7)  Amount of the principal obligation stated on the mortgage (or other security instrument); includes upfront mortgage insurance premium (UFMIP), if UFMIP is financed.
Mature Date  Alphanumeric  37  YYYYMM  Month and year the loan matures.
Term  Numeric  43  9(3)  Length of the loan in months, from the beginning of loan amortization until maturity.
Current Mortgagor 22  Alphanumeric  46  X(22)  Name of the current borrower (homeowner).
Interest Rate  Numeric  68  99V999  Original interest rate of the loan.
Status  Alphanumeric  73  X(1) Current status of the case.
A = Active Insurance Status
C = Claim Termination
T = Non-claim Termination
Begin Amort Date  Alphanumeric  74  YYYYMM  Month and year the loan amortization starts.
Bill Type  Alphanumeric  80  Type of premium billing for the loan based on the Single Family FHA program.
1 or DEF = Deferred (Section 530)
2 or ADV = Advanced (pre-Section 530)
3 or UP = Upfront (or One-Time)
4 or RB = Risk-Based
Street 19  Alphanumeric  81  X(19)  Street address of the property.
City 18  Alphanumeric  100  X(18)  City in which the property is located.
State Alphanumeric  118 X(2)  State in which the property is located.
Zip Alphanumeric  120 X(9)  Zip code within which the property is located.
Annual Premium Numeric  129 9(5)V99  Current calculation of the annual Mortgage Insurance Premium for the loan.
Current Holder Alphanumeric  136 X(5)  Mortgagee currently holding the loan (five-digit identifier assigned by HUD).
LTV Numeric  141 999V99  Original loan to value (LTV) ratio.
Premium Rate  Numeric  146 9V99  Percentage the unpaid loan balance is multiplied by for the calculation of annual or monthly premium. For example, a value of 150 is 1.50% or .015. A value of 025 is 0.25% or .0025.
Upfront Factor Numeric  149 V9(5)  Factor used to calculate the upfront premium as a percentage of the base loan amount.
Percent Financed Numeric  154 999V99  Percentage of the upfront premium that was added to the base loan amount and financed by the lending institution.
Billing Years Numeric  159 9(3)  Number of years the monthly premium will be billed for the loan (the value is expressed in whole years only; partial years are rounded to the next whole year).
Monthly Premium Numeric  162 9(5)V99  Current insurance premium due monthly for the loan.
Monthly P & I Numeric  169 9(4)V99  Monthly principal and interest due on the loan.
Transfer/Termination Date Alphanumeric  175 YYYYMMDD  Effective date of the most recent transfer (holder and/or servicer) or termination of FHA insurance on the case. Use Case Detail to get more specific information.
Endorse Date Alphanumeric  183 YYYYMMDD  Date the loan was endorsed or approved for mortgage insurance.
Endorse Process Date Alphanumeric  191 YYYYMM  Month and year the case was transferred to SFIS/A43 after endorsement.
Final Bill Date 6 Alphanumeric  197 YYYYMM Month and year the last monthly premium will be assessed (due the first of the following month).
UPB @ 78% 8 Numeric 203 9(6)V99 Threshold amount the unpaid principal balance on the mortgage must reach to qualify for cancellation of monthly premium assessment (only applicable for active risk-based cases that have a closing date after December 30, 2000 and a case assignment date before June 3, 2013 and meet the eligibility requirements described in Mortgagee Letter 2000-46).
Risk-based Pricing  Alphanumeric  211  X(1)

Indicator specifying whether risk-based premium pricing is applicable to the case.
Values: Y=Yes, N=No.

First-time Home Buyer 1 Alphanumeric 212 X(1) Indicator specifying whether the borrower is a first-time home buyer. Y=Yes, N=No, or blank.
HUD-approved Counseling 1 Alphanumeric 213 X(1) Indicator specifying whether the borrower received pre-purchase home ownership counseling from a HUD-approved counseling agency.
Values: Y=Yes, N=No.
[Unused] 1 Alphanumeric 214 X(1) Blank
Case Number Assignment Date 8 Alphanumeric 215 YYYYMMDD Date the loan was assigned an FHA case number and a record for the case was established in HUD's system.
[Unused] 80 Alphanumeric 223 X(80) Blank

Total Record Length: 302

For the Alternate Report Retrieval process, see also Header and Trailer Records.