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Single Family Premium Collection Subsystem-Periodic Information Packet

This is the information packet for the Single Family Premium Collection Subsystem-Periodic (SFPCS-P), the Department of Housing and Urban Development's financial system for billing and tracking the collection of monthly mortgage insurance premium for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insurance on single family Title II forward mortgages.

Basic Information


Submitting Payments


Getting Reports

Layouts for Report Files

Answers to Mortgagee Questions





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Information is also available on Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium (UFMIP)

What's New (Updates)

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For a question or issue that is not covered by the Answers to Mortgagee Questions, email HUD's Single Family Insurance Operations Division (SFIOD) at: LenderAssistance@hud.gov

For a batch file transmission problem with a payment, contact the HITS Help Desk

For issues concerning the collection process for Periodic (monthly) premium, email: SfpaygovPeriodic@hud.gov

For issues concerning Alternate Report Retrieval, email: LenderAssistance@hud.gov

For issues concerning data quality (e.g., mortgage record correction), email SFIOD's Systems Management Branch, Data Quality Control Section at: SystemManagement@hud.gov

For FHA Connection issues not relating to monthly premiums, contact the FHA Resource Center