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Lender Notification Layout

The Lender Notification report file provides information about any irregular results from the application of Single Family monthly (periodic) mortgage insurance premium payments. The information is generated as payments are processed.  Lender Notifications do not include situations when there has been a payment made on an invalid case.

Using the FHA Connection, you should check your notifications 3-5 business days after you send your payment and again after the Reconciliation report file has been generated. For the Alternate Report Retrieval process (i.e., secure file transfer process), the Lender Notification report file is updated monthly and available on the 13th day of the month.

Note: The Servicer/Payee Name field has been added to the Lender Notification report file. You will have the option of including this field when you download a Lender Notification file. Do not attempt to process a Lender Notification report file with the additional field until your system has been updated to accommodate it. Otherwise, you may experience system errors, including unusable data.

Field Name Length <Type Start Position <Picture <Description
Mortgagee ID Alphanumeric  X(5)  Lender receiving the notification. First five digits of the FHA's unique 10-digit identifier assigned to the lender.
FHA Case Number  10  Alphanumeric  X(10)  Unique 10-digit identifier assigned to the FHA loan by HUD. The first two positions identify the state where the property is located, the third position identifies the HUD Field Office territory in which the property was located, the next six positions identify the serial number, and the final position is the check digit.
Notification Date  Alphanumeric  16  YYYYMMDD  Date the lender notification was generated. 
Notification Time  Alphanumeric  24  HHMMSS  Time of day the lender notification was generated. 
Reason Code  Numeric  30  9(4)  Reason that the lender notification was generated. 
0001 = You have paid on another mortgagee's case.
0002 = Another mortgagee has paid on your case. 
0003 = You have paid on a case that has not been billed. 
Loan Number (Current)
MIN #  (Future)
18  Alphanumeric 34  X(18)  Identifier for the mortgage.

Loan Number: Number assigned to the mortgage loan by the lender. Note: This number must be sent monthly with the monthly premium payment for the case in order for it to be displayed here.

MIN: Mortgage identification number (future use).
Servicer/Payee Name (optional for downloaded file only) 40 Alphanumeric 52 X(40) If Reason Code 0001, name of the mortgagee servicing the case when the payment was made.
If Reason Code 0002, name of the mortgagee who paid on the case.

Note: If a remittance is sent under a mortgagee ID not found in HUD's records, you will receive a message in this field.

Total Record Length: 91

For the Alternate Report Retrieval process , see also Header and Trailer Records.