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Header and Trailer Records

Every file retrieved through the Alternate Report Retrieval process (secure file transfer process) will have one header record, one trailer record, and as many sub-trailer records as there are mortgagees on the file. For mortgagees, there will be only one sub-trailer record and it will directly precede the final trailer record. Below is an example of the Advance Notice file layout for Service Bureau 12345 who has access to data from Mortgagees 11111 and 22222.

Beginning of the Record  Description
*H12345ADV  19980215... Advance Notices Header Record for Service Bureau 12345
1111106155544331998021972050703... Mtgee 11111 Record 1
1111106155545871998021975120503... Mtgee 11111 Record 2
1111106155578391998021988030532... Mtgee 11111 Record 3
*S11111Mortgagee Name                0000003... Sub-Trailer Record for Mtgee 11111
2222202155578391998021962110703... Mtgee 22222 Record 1
2222202183231241998021990070703... Mtgee 22222 Record 2
*S22222Mortgagee Name                00000002... Sub-Trailer Record for Mtgee 22222
*T000200000050000008... Grand Trailer Record

Total record length will match the record length of the specific file.

The following are layouts for the header and trailer records. The filler in each record will be enough to match the length of the records for that file type.

Header Record

 Field Name Picture  Description
Record ID X(2) *H
Mortgagee or
Service Bureau ID
X(5) Mortgagee ID or Service Bureau that is requesting data
File Type X(5) PORT = Portfolio
ADV = Advance Notices
BILL = Billing
RECON = Reconciliation
NOTIF = Lender Notification
REFUN = Refund Transactions
RALC = Reallocation Transactions
Creation Date X(8) YYYYMMDD
Filler X(??) The filler will increase the record to the file size being processed.


Sub-Trailer Record

 Field Name Picture  Description
Record ID X(2) *S
Mortgagee ID X(5) Mortgagee ID for the records 
Mortgagee Name  X(40) Mortgagee Name
Number of Cases 9(7) Number of cases.
Filler X(??)  The filler will increase the record to the file size being processed.


Trailer Record

 Field Name Picture  Description
Record ID X(2) *T
Number of Mortgagees 9(4) Number of mortgagees represented in the file. This will equal the number of sub-trailer records and will be one (1) for mortgagees.
Number of Cases 9(7) Total number of cases in the file.
Number of Records 9(7) Total number of records in the file including all header, sub-trailer, and trailer records.
Filler X(??) The filler will increase the record to the file size being processed.


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