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Getting Pregenerated Monthly (Periodic) Mortgage Insurance Premium Reports Using the Alternate Report Retrieval Process


These instructions are for lenders and service bureaus that choose to retrieve pregenerated Single Family monthly (periodic) mortgage insurance premium report files directly from a secure server on the HUD network using the Alternate Report Retrieval process (secure file transfer protocol) rather than using the FHA Connection.

To request access to report files, please email your request to the SfpaygovPeriodic@hud.gov mailbox with the following information:

  • Company name and five-digit lender ID
  • Primary business and technical contact names with email
  • The public-facing IP address and city/state location for each IP address that will require firewall whitelisting by HUD.  Please specify “test” or “production” environment for each IP address listed (e.g. - McLean, VA - Production)
  • The name of the reports being requested.  Available reports include: Advance Notices, Billing, Lender Notification, Portfolio, Reallocation Transactions, Reconciliation, and Refund Transactions.

After your request has been received by HUD and processed, HUD will issue the lender or service bureau a unique six-character ID beginning with the letter X (e.g., X00001) and a password.

Note: This is a different HUD Xnnnnn ID than the one issued for making monthly premium payments through CPU to CPU batch file transmissions to a secure HUD server.

The lender or service bureau must test the report retrieval process on HUD's Test platform. Instructions will be provided. When the test is successfully completed, pregenerated report files can be retrieved from HUD's Production platform.

Pregenerated Report Files

Pregenerated report files include the following:

  • Advance Notices: advnotif.dat and advnotif.zip
  • Billing: billing.dat and billing.zip
  • Lender Notification: lendnotf.dat and lendnotf.zip
  • Portfolio: Monthly: portfoli.dat and portfoli.zip; Weekly: portfolw.dat and portfolw.zip
  • Reallocation Transactions: realloc.dat and realloc.zip
  • Reconciliation: Old Layout: reconcil.dat and reconcil.zip; New Layout: reconcile.zip and reconcile.dat
  • Refund Transactions: refunds.dat and refunds.zip

The Pregenerated Reports Schedule for the Alternate Report Retrieval process is available on the FHA Connection from a link on the Monthly Premiums menu. Note that the FHA Connection rather than the Alternate Report Retrieval process must be used to request the Case Detail report or get current Lender Notification and Portfolio reports using specific selection criteria.

The appropriate report file layouts must be used to manipulate the data in the files retrieved from HUD's secure server or downloaded from the FHA Connection. For the Alternate Report Retrieval process, the report files include header and trailer records.