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Advance Notices Layout

Advance Notices report file provides information about premium changes for cases by anniversary date. Advance Notices also includes cases that were endorsed the month before the file was generated, cases that were transferred to the mortgagee's portfolio the month before the file was generated, and cases that will no longer be billed for monthly MIP (this is a one-time report of $0.00 premium). Multiple advance notices can be generated for the same case. For example, if a case was transferred to the mortgagee's portfolio the previous month AND has an anniversary premium change the following month, two Advance Notices will be generated for the case: one for the transfer, and one for the new premium amount. The last notice listed for the case provides the latest MIP amount.

The file, available by the 10th of the month, will contain the new premium amounts for the following month's billing period. For example: the file available on July 10, 2010 will show the new monthly premium for the period of August 1 - 30, 2010 and DUE on September 1, 2010. In addition, the annual premium will be shown to reflect the billing periods from August 2010 through July 2011. The anniversary due date for the annual premium in this case is August 1, 2011 as referenced on the old version of Advance Notices. The file will remain available on the FHA Connection for three months after it is produced.

The Advance Notices file is NOT a bill. Rather, Advance Notices indicate what monthly premium will be used to calculate the bill. (Refer to the Billing file for actual monthly bills.)

Field Name Length Type Start Position Picture Description
Mortgagee ID Alphanumeric  X(5)  Lender on record in HUD's Single Family Insurance System (SFIS) as servicing the case when the report file was created. First five digits of the FHA's unique 10-digit identifier assigned to the servicing lender.
FHA Case Number  10  Alphanumeric  X(10)  Unique 10-digit identifier assigned to the FHA loan by HUD. The first two positions identify the state where the property is located, the third position identifies the HUD Field Office territory in which the property is located, the next six positions identify the serial number, and the final position is the check digit.
Period  Alphanumeric  16  YYYYMM  The month/year of the advance notices file. If the file is available the beginning of November 2010 for premiums changing December 2010, the period will be 201012. 
Beginning Amortization Date  Alphanumeric  22  YYYYMM  Date indicating the anniversary of the case's annual premium. 
Section of the Act  Alphanumeric  28  X(4)  ADP code representing the section of the National Housing Act under which the case is insured.
Maturity Date  Alphanumeric  32  YYYYMM  Month and year the loan matures. 
Mortgagor Name  22  Alphanumeric  38  X(22)  Name of the current borrower (homeowner). 
Annual Premium  Numeric  60  9(5)V99 Current calculation of the annual Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) for the loan
Monthly Premium  Numeric  67  9(5)V99  Current insurance premium (MIP) due monthly for the loan. This is calculated by dividing the annual premium by 12 and rounding it to the nearest cent ($0.005 rounds up; $0.004 rounds down). 
Bill Type  Alphanumeric  74  X(1)  Type of premium billing for the loan based on the Single Family FHA program.
1 or DEF = Deferred (Section 530)
2 or ADV = Advanced (pre-Section 530)
4 or RB = Risk-Based 
Final Bill Date 6 Alphanumeric  75 YYYYMM Month and year the last monthly premium will be assessed (due the first of the following month).
UPB @ 78% 8 Numeric 81 9(6)V99 Threshold amount the unpaid principal balance on the mortgage must reach to qualify for cancellation of monthly premium assessment (only applicable for cases closed on or after January 1, 2001, are insured under the Mutual Mortgage Insurance (MMI) fund, and meet other criteria for cancellation).
Notice Type 1 Alphanumeric 89 X(1) Notice classification:
C = Servicer Change
E = New Endorsement
D = Anniversary Date
Z = Monthly MIP becomes zero ($0.00)
[Unused] 3        

Total Record Length: 92

For the Alternate Report Retrieval process (secure file transfer process), see also Header and Trailer Records.