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Accessing HUD's Systems and Data


The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers lenders and service bureaus access to its systems and data for paying Single Family monthly (periodic) mortgage insurance premiums and retrieving reports. Different IDs are required for different systems and tasks.

FHA Connection

The FHA Connection is a HUD website with direct, secure, online access to HUD's computer systems. The FHA Connection can be used to pay and monitor monthly (periodic) mortgage insurance payments, get pregenerated reports, and request online reports. See FHA Connection and Monthly Premiums. User registration for the FHA Connection is required. An FHA Connection user ID is issued when the applicant is accepted. The user ID and a password must be entered to access the FHA Connection. The lender's FHA Connection Application Coordinator must grant the appropriate FHA Connection application authorizations to the lender's qualified users. The FHA Connection Guide provides basic information on using the FHA Connection.

Secure File Transfer Protocol

The secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) is used as an alternative to the FHA Connection to do the following:

Two different Xnnnnn IDs are issued, one for submitting payments and another for retrieving report files.