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Advance Notices

Questions and Answers

What are Advance Notices?

Advance Notices provide servicing lenders with information about Single Family premium changes for cases in their portfolio having an annual premium anniversary due date the following month (Notice Type D). Advance Notices also include the following:

  • Cases that were endorsed the month before the file was generated (Notice Type E).
  • Cases that were transferred to the lender's portfolio the month before the file was generated (Notice Type C).
  • Cases that will no longer be billed for a monthly mortgage insurance premium; this is a one-time report of $0.00 premium (Notice Type Z).

Where can I retrieve my Advance Notices?

Advance Notices are available via the FHA Connection on the Internet or, for high volume lenders and service bureaus, through the Alternate Report Retrieval process (secure file transfer process).

After signing on to the FHA Connection, select Single Family FHA, followed by Single Family Servicing, then Monthly Premiums. Select the Retrieve Files button to access your files.

Do you have access to the FHA Connection?  If not, the FHA Connection Welcome page includes links to detailed information about the website. The FHA Connection Registration Procedures [PDF] module of the FHA Connection Guide provides information on FHA Connection registration. (See also Mortgagee Letters 98-13 [DOC] and 97-14 [TXT].)

When can I retrieve my Advance Notices?

Advance Notices are available by the 10th of each month.

How long does the Advance Notices file remain available on the FHA Connection?

The current Advance Notices file remains available for three months. Three months worth of Advance Notices, including the current month's, are available to view or download.

Can I retrieve previous Advance Notices from the FHA Connection?

Three months worth of the latest Advance Notices are available from the FHA Connection.

When will the new premium amount be due for cases listed in my Advance Notices file?

The new premium will be billed the next month and due the 1st of the month following the billing.

What does the date on the Advance Notices file mean?

The date on the Advance Notices file indicates when the new monthly (periodic) premium will be billed. This differs from the old version of Advance Notices where the report showed the anniversary due date for the annual premium.

What does an Advance Notice with an annual premium of $0.00 mean?

This indicates that monthly (periodic) premium is no longer assessed for the case. However, payment of any current outstanding charges is required.

Why does my Advance Notices file show multiple notices for the same case?

Multiple advance notices are generated for a case when multiple events occur. For example, if a case was transferred to the lender's portfolio the previous month and has an anniversary premium change the following month, two Advance Notices are generated for the case: one for the transfer, and one for the new premium amount. A code is provided for each notice that indicates the notice type. The last notice listed for the case provides the latest monthly premium amount.