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Electronic Data Interchange Implementation Guide

Table of Contents

This Guide is divided into six sections plus appendices designed to answer a wide range of questions involving the business and operational considerations, and the technical requirements for implementing EDI within HUD. References and Glossary sections are also provided.

Table of Contents:
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Section I: Introduction
Provides an introduction to EDI definitions and concepts, including the benefits of EDI, standards, and functional requirements.

Section II: EDI at HUD
Discusses the specifics of EDI use at HUD, including HUD's strategic plan for EDI implementation and the impact of EDI on HUD business processes.

Section III: Transaction Sets
Provides an introduction to the electronic form of HUD business documents (transaction sets) and the components of a transaction set.

Section IV: Technical Environment
Specifies the technical requirements for implementing EDI, including hardware, software, and telecommunications specifications.

Section V: Implementing EDI
Provides the operational, procedural, and management details for implementing EDI in your organization, including trading partner agreements, security and quality control issues, ongoing support, and the implementation time schedule.

Section VI: EDI Business Documents
Provides specific information on electronic filing of Federal Housing Administration (FHA) EDI business documents. The section gives detailed information on the transaction set outline, transaction notes, data mapping guides and business scenarios for conversion of the business documents to an electronic format. Each transaction set also has the related adjunct transaction sets attached to it for easier handling. The mapping guides are presented in the X12 Standards Version 003032 through 003050 (modified to reflect 8-digit date fields), 004010 and 004040.

Transaction Set 260 - Application for Mortgage Insurance Benefits
Transaction Set 264 - Mortgage Loan Default Status for 30-60-90 day reporting effective November 1, 2006.
Transaction Set 266 - Mortgage Record Change and Termination

Premium Collections - Effective October 1, 2007, HUD converted its premium collection process to utilize Treasury's Pay.Gov facility. Therefore, new lenders will not be enrolled in the EDI collection program. Please access the Pay.Gov web page at the URL PAY.GOV for additional information. Also, questions can be answered by e-mailing Single Family pay.gov office. Lenders can also use this e-mail address to obtain assistance with enrolling in the new program, help with new User IDs and other implementation requirements.

Updates: The listing of any new updates to the HUD EDI Implementation Guide.

References and Glossary

The References section lists standards and other documents used in conjunction with EDI.

The Glossary defines terms related to EDI.


Appendix A: Accessing The Internet

Appendix B: Forms for Implementing EDI/EDI Information Request Form

Appendix C: HUD Communications Envelope Specifications

Appendix D: Adjunct Transaction Sets


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