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Electronic Data Interchange Implementation Guide

Section I: Introduction

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the interorganizational exchange of business documentation in a structured, machine-processable format. It is the direct computer-to-computer exchange of standard formatted business transactions between one or more business partners, known as trading partners. EDI permits organizations to generate, receive, and process data without human intervention.

EDI is an important component of continuing initiatives within the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government programs through the use of electronic information systems technology.

The EDI projects are conducted under the direction of HUD's Office of Information Technology (IT). IT is responsible for providing policy direction and coordination for HUD's EDI effort.

The purpose of this Implementation Guide is to provide the information necessary to exchange business documents electronically with HUD.

How to Use This Guide

This Implementation Guide provides an overview of EDI, including definitions and standards; hardware, software, and communications requirements; and a step-by-step approach to implementing EDI technology. It is designed to introduce HUD trading partners to EDI, how EDI works at HUD, and to the elements needed to implement EDI successfully in conducting business with HUD. Sections I to V cover the general concepts and elements of EDI. Section VI focuses on specific EDI transaction sets used to exchange business documents electronically and the tools helpful to implement each of them. The following tools are provided with Section VI and Appendices to aid in understanding and implementing EDI transaction set(s) in lieu of your current business transactions with HUD:

 -   Related business forms
 -   Transaction set outline
 -   Transmission notes
 -   Business scenarios
 -   Data mapping guide
 -   Cross reference matrix (where applicable) and
 -   Adjunct transaction sets

In general, EDI formatting standards address the following issues:

 -   Which documents can be communicated electronically
 -   What information is to be included
 -   What sequence the information should follow
 -   What format the information (i.e., numeric, ID codes, etc.) should use and
 -   The meaning of the individual pieces of information

More information on Section I is available in PDF format.

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